15th November 2013

10 Golden Rules for Communicating in a Crisis

It could be 50 golden rules, and these are in no particular order:     1.     Be available, but build in a safety valve mechanism to buy you time for thought -through responses and information. 2.     Be honest, but phrase your honesty in the right way. 3.     Know what to say sorry for. If you are sorry, say it early. 4.     Don’t be afraid to state the obvious. Of course your thoughts are with the people adversely affected by the crisis but […]
13th November 2013

10 Ways Photos Can Help YOUR Business….

As business owners, we use so many different tools to get our message our there… ·         websites, ·         business cards, ·         social media profiles, ·         brochures, ·         flyers, ·         PR, ·         magazine articles… etc. Where do you start? Well there are a few things which tie these together:– ·         firstly the company name, ·          then a catch strap line to give people a better idea of what you do, ·         perhaps create a great “elevator pitch”  ·         a cool new […]
6th November 2013

Negative PR Coverage = Bad. Positive PR Coverage = ?

Have you ever questioned whether you need a PR campaign, or why you have one? if so, then have a think about this: We all know what the worst things are that could happen to our business. We know that if that should happen, we would need to tell our staff, customers, shareholders, and also the media. You will want to tell the media what positive steps you are taking to resolve the issue. To read more of this blog […]
1st November 2013

Engage Customers Through Video Marketing

Creating effective videos that engage with your customers is not easy. It involves high quality production, a well defined message and a professional delivery. To determine your defined message, you need to pick a topic and then decide exactly what you want to say about that topic. There is a very fine line between spending all your time entertaining someone on the video, rather than actually selling your product or service. However, an effective marketing video is completely achievable with a […]
25th September 2013

The Joys (or Not!) of Public Speaking

Public speaking is daunting for even the most confident of people. Whether you are giving a presentation or speaking in a meeting, it is important to pay attention to the power of your voice. Here are ten top tips on public speaking including being yourself, relaxing and above all how to enjoy the whole experience. To read more about the top ten tips for public speaking click here  
6th September 2013

BiY – What an Impact!

A couple of months ago fellow BiY Associate Louise Turner and I were a double act ‘for one night only’ and presented a workshop entitled ‘Boom! Make an Impact’.  For my part I shared my expertise on personal impact and tips on being unforgettable in business.  Following the peer group in August I was prompted to reflect on the ‘impact’ BiY has had on my business. At the August (spare!) peer group we discussed the issue of setting up a […]
3rd September 2013

The Big 6 Business Challenges for SMEs: Part 1

With over 10 years experience in mentoring and investing in 50+ Yorkshire based businesses, as well as setting up, running and then selling a marketing agency, BiY Founder Darren Shaw has accumulated considerable experience working with business owners in the SME sector. So he knows about the Big 6 Business Challenges that most SME business owners are facing (they are certainly recurring themes in the BiY Business Owner Peer Groups) – in fact, he finds that most business owners are […]
3rd September 2013

How to Identify the One Key Thing your Business Stands For

Have you ever sat back and wondered why you are in business? Is the reason clear, or do you have to think hard about it? How about taking away all the unnecessary ‘stuff’ and stripping the business back to the bare bones? Take away all the distractions and interruptions, and focus on the important goals and critical activities. To read more of this post, click here
27th August 2013

Ten Proven Techniques for getting more Sales Leads

From tools and techniques for managing yourself and your sales process, through to ideas on how to harness the power of your current customer base, this article is packed with practical tried-and-tested techniques for increasing your sales leads … and ultimately, growing your business. It’s an old adage the people love buying, but hate being sold to … read on via this link to find out how you can capitalise on this approach
22nd August 2013

5 Things to Consider before Cold Calling and how LinkedIn will Help

Cold calling is very rarely enjoyed by anyone, and is at best tolerated by most people. However, with the introduction of LinkedIn and social media, cold calling need not be all that bad. It is a reality that at some point as a business owner, or business development manager, you will have to get on the phone to obtain new customers. So, you may be wondering how LinkedIn and social media can help ease the burden of this job, and […]
9th August 2013

7 Tips to Increasing your Profits by up to 125% Using Social Media

So many businesses neglect their current customers in favour of searching for new ones. When thinking of their social media strategy, most people focus on sending their message out to new clients, instead of using social media to maintain satisfaction for their current customers. Social media can help you provide your current customers with reasons to want to come back and buy from you time and time again. To read  the seven tips on how to use social media effectively, […]
7th August 2013

10 Golden Rules for Effective email Marketing

When it is done well, email marketing can be a very cost-effective way of sharing your message with your target audience. It can be used to reach prospective clients, existing customers and generally spread the word about who you are and what you do. Click here if you want to find out more information or the top ten tips of words and phrases to avoid if you want to stay out of the spam box  
30th July 2013

Don’t be an Egghead

When you join Twitter you get a profile. One of the first things you can and should do when you join Twitter is to upload an avatar – this could be a photo of you, your corporate logo, one of your products – really anything that represents you. Please do not remain as an ‘egghead’! To read more tips on creating a Twitter account, click here  
9th July 2013

Top 10 LinkedIn Tips for Businesses

LinkedIn has become the must have/do free networking tool. It is amazing that this resource can potentially allow you to connect with almost any business in the wold – in fact there are 11 million UK users alone, and 200 million users worldwide. Any small business should consider using LinkedIn (if they don’t already), and here are 10 tips to make the most of this resource.   To read more of this post, click here
2nd July 2013

Taking Top Teamwork and Referrals on Board: Business in Yorkshire

BiY (Business in Yorkshire) is a one-stop personal and business development support network, that Quest PR is proud to be  a member of. Spearheaded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, their Associates (including Quest’s Sharon Cain) have a wealth of knowledge and experience which is available for members to tap into. From social media to marketing, finance to sales strategy, and even ideas on elephant taming (yes really), BiY covers it all. To read more of this blog, click here
18th June 2013

The art of a legendary company name

You should never underestimate the marketing power of a well crafted and thought about company name. You know your company has reached legendary status when it is adopted as a category in its own right, or even as a verb –  we do the hoovering, we google things, and there are more of these examples out there. To read more of this post, click here
22nd May 2013

How to use Twitter for charities and causes

Twitter can, in the right hands, be used as a force for good and is used by charities to raise their profile and create a buzz around their marketing campaigns. Businesses can learn much from their approach … So how do you start with a blank online page and develop a campaign that builds followers around the world? Read more of this blog article, by clicking here
22nd May 2013

How do I use Pinterest as a marketing tool?

Pinterest can be described as an online mood board where you can ‘pin’ interesting graphics, photos and videos. This is extremely useful in any marketing campaign, beacuse if you are pinning interesting material, it is the graphical equivalent of Twitter, and we all know how popular Twitter has become. To read more about how to make Pinterest work for you, click here