As business owners, we use so many different tools to get our message our there…

  • ·         websites,
  • ·         business cards,
  • ·         social media profiles,
  • ·         brochures,
  • ·         flyers,
  • ·         PR,
  • ·         magazine articles… etc.

Where do you start? Well there are a few things which tie these together:–

  • ·         firstly the company name,
  • ·          then a catch strap line to give people a better idea of what you do,
  • ·         perhaps create a great “elevator pitch” 
  • ·         a cool new logo

Add to this great photography and well you’re on your way.

What is “great photography”?

From a business point of view, I feel its providing images which convey your company message or personality. It’s also about making people “look twice” at your media – and I’ve found that using your local area as a base for your photography generates exceptional interest.

Imagine your photograph with a plain white background – it’s functional… it works. Now imagine you photographed with a busy Leeds street background, or Bradford City Park’s fountains in framing you…

It’s a totally different message. It’s adding the your message – it’s great photography. So you have your received your great new photos on DropBox, what are you going to do next?

1.     Linked IN & Social Media

The most obvious and hopefully the first thing you use them for.

Get everyone a great “mugshot”, one where they look professional and approachable – someone people would be comfortable calling on the phone. Those dark, brooding shots look cool – but the goal of these images is to make people look at you favourably and want to talk to you. You can have high drama lighting, stunning backgrounds… you name it, but make sure you look right.

2.     Website front page

How many websites are packed with generic i-stock photos? What do YOU think when you see them? Exactly – most of them are, and you just think they’re istock photos with no other function than to “fill” the page. Even though they may hint at your business area, they say nothing about “your” business – so here’s a great opportunity to get ahead of your competitors and use this vital space to show the world what you are about.

3.     Website team site

An obvious follow on from the front page is to click through to the “about us” or “our team” page. You can use the same photo as the Linked IN “mug shot”, but with the extra space available on this page, you could do so much more – remember, we want to tell your story, so here is a great chance to properly introduce your team “in action”.

4.     Newsletter

Newsletters are far more engaging if they are personal, not to “sales” oriented and are well laid out – which is where your photography can help. Even if you just create a header with your team on, a smiling face will make people more likely to open the newsletter. Maybe rotate an image each newsletter –introducing a team member to your readers.

5.     Flyers

It’s good to use “Special Offers” and a strong call to action on your flyers – but neither of these work unless people pick up your flyer in the first place. Partnering great photographs with great design will make your flyer stand out from the rest.

6.     Business cards

If you’re new to networking and come home with dozens of business cards, can you always remember who was who? If there was a small headshot would you remember? It’s worth bearing in mind next time you go to print.

7.     Guest blogging

Content marketing is a boom area – and guest writing on blogs is a great way of engaging a new audience. It’s always more powerful and memorable if you include a photo – maybe not your head shot, but something to enforce the words.

8.     Press and PR

Not an every day occurrence, but when you get your 15 minutes of fame in the local or trade press, here’s your chance use a shot.

9.     Email footer

The email footer can be used for all kinds of things – why not use a photo of something to do with a special offer or new service?

10.Car artwork

And finally, a mobile advert…

Many people use their van or car to put their phone number on – but why not take advantage of the space and use an image of your products… or if you want more local business, maybe use a shot of your town hall with your message next to it. People will naturally associate your business with your area.

So there are 10 ideas for your new photos.