A couple of months ago fellow BiY Associate Louise Turner and I were a double act ‘for one night only’ and presented a workshop entitled ‘Boom! Make an Impact’.  For my part I shared my expertise on personal impact and tips on being unforgettable in business.  Following the peer group in August I was prompted to reflect on the ‘impact’ BiY has had on my business.

At the August (spare!) peer group we discussed the issue of setting up a new brand and Darren used my own experience as an example of the considerable investment (time and financial) in taking on such a task. Over the last 10 months, since joining BiY, I’ve re-positioned my offering, adapted my proposition for the identified market, and undergone a complete rebrand, including a new website.

Fellow Associate, Clive Goldstein at Union Essential was instrumental in honing my offering, helping identify potential markets and ideas to access them.  Clive’s recognition of the importance of ‘personal impact’, his immense experience and creative genius made meetings an absolute pleasure.

Darren has championed the change in direction from our very first meeting.  There have been occasions (in my enthusiasm!) that I have been tempted to go off on a tangent, but DS reigns me in, encouraging me to refocus.

Many of you have also been part of this process, working directly with me, or offering support and guidance in peer groups, so a huge thank you!

So here it is.  The result of blood, sweat and tears! I’m delighted to share with you the new brand and website

In short, BiY?  Personally, a big impact!