17th April 2014

You Have Seven Seconds…..Make Them Count

Studies have shown that we make our first impression almost immediately, and that first impression can linger with us for a long time. So, even before you have had chance to open your mouth and introduce yourself, someone else will have formed an opinion of you based on the way you look and the way you act. Are we saying that what we say has no bearing on this at all?! Studies show that approximately 93% of how people judge […]
15th November 2013

10 Golden Rules for Communicating in a Crisis

It could be 50 golden rules, and these are in no particular order:     1.     Be available, but build in a safety valve mechanism to buy you time for thought -through responses and information. 2.     Be honest, but phrase your honesty in the right way. 3.     Know what to say sorry for. If you are sorry, say it early. 4.     Don’t be afraid to state the obvious. Of course your thoughts are with the people adversely affected by the crisis but […]
17th October 2013

Seven Tips for Communicating in an Online Crisis

PR should be an important part of your business during the good times as well as the bad ones. Don’t just bring in a PR expert when you have a crisis  – instead ensure that good communication runs through your business so you can handle any incident that may impact upon your reputation. The vast array of social media platforms available to us all today has had a huge impact on the way members of the public can express their anger and concern […]
5th September 2013

What Does the Way You Communicate say About You?

I was carrying out a coaching session with a client who was struggling to get through to his team. He said ‘ They’ve all switched off and it seems as if they have all stopped listening’. He explained that he had repeatedly told them what he wanted them to do, but yet nothing was happening. He felt like his team were holding him back. However, maybe it was the way he was speaking to his team, rather than what his team […]