8th November 2013

7 Key Elements of Successful Projects in Small Businesses

Successful projects in small businesses are as much about planning and structure as they are about delivery. I consider that there are 7 key elements to a successful project within a small business, which include business case, quality, progress and change. To read more of this post, and to find out about the other 3 key elements, click here
4th September 2013

Set Your Goals, Change Your Business, Change Your life & Celebrate

Studies have been carried out which show that only 3% of the UK population set goals, and those 3% of people are among the wealthiest in the country. When people were asked why they didn’t set goals, one common answer was simply ‘ I don’t know how to’. We teach our kids all sorts of subjects and impart a vast array of knowledge onto them, but we miss one important skill: goal setting. Goal setting can help you change your life […]
22nd May 2013

Managing your teams through change

At some point most businesses go through a period of change – be it a minor change of a new staff member or a large change involving restructuring of staff and a change of premises. This can be an uncertain time for all concerned, and different people will react in different ways to change. To read more about managing your team through change, click here