With over 10 years experience in mentoring and investing in 50+ Yorkshire based businesses, as well as setting up, running and then selling a marketing agency, BiY Founder Darren Shaw has accumulated considerable experience working with business owners in the SME sector. So he knows about the Big 6 Business Challenges that most SME business owners are facing (they are certainly recurring themes in the BiY Business Owner Peer Groups) – in fact, he finds that most business owners are dealing with at least four of these challenges at any one time…

Are you fishing in the right pond, with the right tackle?
In other words, are you clear who your customers are, and how to communicate with them?

Do you have the right bait?
For many business owners, in fact, getting clear about the MESSAGE itself is the key to resolving whether you are in the right pond with the right tackle. Yet that can be tricky to achieve on your own. Conversations that explore who you are and what your business really stands for will help you to unlock the answer – which is one of the reasons the BiY Peer Groups are proving so useful and so popular.
In addition, several of BiY’s team of Associates specialise in helping business owners to clarify and get their messages across – whether through branding, PR, website, social media and other creative campaigns. That’s why the BiY Business Surgeries are so useful, as they provide an opportunity for you to tap into their expertise …

Why not try out a BiY Business Surgery for yourself? You can tap into the expertise of our many Associates by bringing your current business challenge to the Leeds Business Week BiY Business Surgery on Monday 23rd September

To find our more about the Big 6 Business Challenges and what you can do about them, you can hear Darren Shaw speaking at the Leeds Business Week Festival of Business on Wednesday 25th September