11th May 2015

TLC Loves…..Making Keeping Track of your Expenses Easier

The dreaded receipts are the scourge of every business owner. We all leave them until the end of the month or even the end of the year before looking at them don’t we? So, what if there was a way to automate the collection of the receipts so you don’t have to deal with the huge pile at the end of the month? Well, there is and it’s called Receipt Bank. To read more of this post click here
24th March 2014

2014 Budget – What it Means for You

The latest budget has just been announced by Chancellor George Osborne. It appears that austerity measures will continue until 2018/2019, when the budget deficit is expected to have been reduced to zero, as it is believed that faster growth alone will not balance the books. Here are the highlights of the budget from a small business perspective: – The higher tax rate has been increased very slightly from £41,450 to £41,860. – ISA limits have been increased to £15,000 – […]
23rd January 2014

3 Quick Bookkeeping Tips

Here are three bookkeeping tips which are based on experiences of working with many small businesses. 1. Do it frequently – Do you allow your paperwork to build up into a huge mountain of paper that you then can’t face tackling? Then, when you can put it off no more, you have to spend a day making sense of it all. If you set aside some time in your diary every week, this will help prevent the panic and stress people […]