19th August 2014

Journalists – What Really gets on Their Wick about PR?

Here are some of our do’s and don’ts about approaching journalists. Journalists would, in an ideal world, prefer to produce original content rather than using press releases. However, if you have a good story sourced from good PR, this can provide useful material for a journalist that ultimately makes their job easier. From chatting to reporters over the years, here is the list of our top 5 journalists’ PR hates: 1. How does that relate to our readers? A journalist […]
12th December 2013

Making the Most of the Media in a Crisis

When reporting a crisis, the media follows a largely predictable curve. If you realise this, and can be prepared to tap into it at a suitable time, you stand a much better chance of coverage. An example of this is the media coverage of last week’s storm surge here in the UK. If you are in a position to feed a story to the media which fits into the local hero box, or has a vague link to the story, you’re in with a […]
15th November 2013

10 Golden Rules for Communicating in a Crisis

It could be 50 golden rules, and these are in no particular order:     1.     Be available, but build in a safety valve mechanism to buy you time for thought -through responses and information. 2.     Be honest, but phrase your honesty in the right way. 3.     Know what to say sorry for. If you are sorry, say it early. 4.     Don’t be afraid to state the obvious. Of course your thoughts are with the people adversely affected by the crisis but […]