Having a scalpel doesn’t make you a surgeon

Knowing one end of a ladle from the other doesn’t make you a chef

And having a video camera doesn’t make you a film director.

We can all apply that kind of logic to our own area of expertise.

In video, the advent of the iPhone could be seen as sounding the death knell for those of us making corporate video. Certainly, for the right business with the right kind of message the ‘rough and ready’ immediacy of a smartphone video is perfect. But it’s not always the right choice.

If you’re selling a quality product or a high-value service (or certainly a service that you want your clients to value highly), then is that wobbly, sometimes grainy video doing you any favours?

Some smartphone-created videos don’t look so bad. But they sound awful. And that’s the bug bear at the heart of this blog. If you’re going to bother having a video on your website, even if it looks only half-decent, make sure the audience can hear it.

You could of course hire me to make sure all this is taken care of, but if you must persist with a DIY version remember you’re recording the sound into a device used (occasionally) as a telephone. The microphone is not designed to pick up speech from much more than a foot or so away. Too close and you’ll sound like an angry person calling into a radio phone-in. Too far away we won’t hear you or you’ll sound like you’re in a toilet and your first impression to that potential customer is already down the pan.