9th October 2014

Sound Advice from a Video Expert

Having a scalpel doesn’t make you a surgeon Knowing one end of a ladle from the other doesn’t make you a chef And having a video camera doesn’t make you a film director. We can all apply that kind of logic to our own area of expertise. In video, the advent of the iPhone could be seen as sounding the death knell for those of us making corporate video. Certainly, for the right business with the right kind of message […]
14th July 2014

Five Secrets to Creating Training Videos That Won’t Bore Viewers to Tears

Here are five tips to help you to make a compelling training video: 1: Don’t make a training video! If you are going to televise an existing workshop or training course, then don’t bother! If you need to add a video into your training, use it to enhance the training programme or workshop, not replace it. 2. Focus You need to decide what the one thing is you want the audience to remember from the video. If you don’t know, […]
20th June 2014

Three Reasons Why You Need Video on Your Website

These days, a website that doesn’t have video content is just like a site without pictures was 10 years ago. High quality video is no longer the preserve of only the rich and famous and is easily affordable to almost every business. Here are three reasons to get ahead of your competitors by utilising the power of video on your site. 1. Make eye contact. People like to do business with people. You can use video to make direct eye […]
20th September 2013

Guide to Making a Video

The best way to create a great video is to work with the right production company. As with any working relationship especially a creative one, you need to make sure that you and the video company are working towards the same objectives. Before you even begin to make your film, you will need to think about; Your goals for the video and where you intend to display it Your primary target audience Your budget & timeframe Your promotional plans How […]