27th January 2015

Dreadful Presentations…I’ve Started So I’ll Finish

We’ve all been there, listening to those self-indulgent sales pitches. When the presentation runs over by five minutes, your chair becomes particularly firm. When it runs over by 10 minutes, you start to dream of an electrical failure to allow you to escape. Longer than 15 minutes, and you have completely forgotten about the content you’ve just spent the last few hours listening to. Just think about how much it actually costs you to get those people into the room to […]
14th July 2014

Five Secrets to Creating Training Videos That Won’t Bore Viewers to Tears

Here are five tips to help you to make a compelling training video: 1: Don’t make a training video! If you are going to televise an existing workshop or training course, then don’t bother! If you need to add a video into your training, use it to enhance the training programme or workshop, not replace it. 2. Focus You need to decide what the one thing is you want the audience to remember from the video. If you don’t know, […]
13th February 2014

You’re Hired!

Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes that lead to recognised qualifications. They are based around the needs of employers and there is funding available to train not only new but existing employees. Many school leavers are now looking at apprenticeships as options after school, as university is becoming more expensive. The training for an employee is almost exclusively ‘on the job’ training at the business premises. To read more of this post click here
9th September 2013

Changed my life for the better