27th November 2014

From the Inside Out – 11 Ways to Introduce Mindfulness to your Work Day

Developing mindfulness in everyday life takes effort on our part. Many related practices, such as yoga, meditation, time spent away from technology, will help to grow mindfulness. The mind needs to be able to focus and needs some consistency of regular practice if it is to learn new patterns. For most people, the workplace is one of the most stressful places, if not the most stressful place in their lives. There are numerous pressures, deadlines to hit, staff to manage, and […]
6th December 2013

Ways to Cope with an Increased Workload

Maybe its because it the run up to Christmas, maybe its due to the end of the year looming, but whatever the reason I have been extremely busy lately. It doesn’t help that I have been out of the office so much too – 2 trips to the USA within 5 weeks don’t help! When work starts to pile up, you can feel overwhelmed and stressed. The challenge to get through this just adds to the stress of managing it […]