15th September 2014

Does Your Marketing have Momentum?

Many people often overlook a basic detail when considering a marketing strategy – Momentum. An example of what I mean by this is as follows: A company approaches us to help them with their online marketing strategy. Often they’ll say they’ll say that they have ‘tried Twitter’ or ‘tried Facebook’ but that they didn’t work. When we look into it a little further, we find that they were active on Twitter, and sent tweets out every day, but only for […]
11th August 2014

Is It You? Some Food for Thought

Much of the strategic marketing I do with businesses is based on three simple questions: 1. What am I selling and what problem does it solve? 2. Who do I think will buy it, and what exactly do I know about my customers? 3. Why do they choose my product over another similar one? If you know who you are aiming your products or services at, and how to create really compelling marketing messages aimed at that specific group of […]
11th April 2014

What is Strategy and Does it Matter?

Strategic marketing has an important part to play in business planning Рa business develops its products and service in response to the identification of  specific need by a particular group of customers. Many businesses manage to exist without ever identifying their target market, or without any understanding of how they can satisfy their customer needs. To read more of this post, click here
14th January 2014

The Importance of a Content Marketing Strategy

We’ve all heard that it only takes a few seconds to make an impression. Well, did you know that if you do not make a great impression on the visitors to your website within three seconds, you will lose over half of them! Those visitors you have worked so hard to get are now gone, lost to your competitors. This is why you need a good marketing strategy for your website. To read more about why you need a marketing […]
25th November 2013

BiY has helped me focus on where I want to be

5th July 2013

“My own board of non-exec directors”