3rd March 2015

How to Manage Your Contacts

Everyone who has a business has a contact list of those people they work with, have met or have heard of. This list of contacts might take the form of a box of business cards, or a handwritten or typed list, of for the organised amongst us, it may take the form of a spreadsheet. As an administrator, I would recommend storing your contact details in some form of online contact management system. However, there is nothing wrong with storing […]
15th May 2014

5 Ways to Sort Out Your Spreadsheets

Every company I have worked with uses Excel spreadsheets too much. Business systems get up dated every now and then, and people use Excel to fill that gap. However, this short term fix can easily become the long term answer. Most businesses complete their management accounts in Excel, and even large corporations like Orange use large spreadsheets to do their budgets. But, are these spreadsheets very effective? To read more of this post click here