27th June 2014

Is Your Website Costing You Sales?

For a lot of companies, driving traffic to their website of their main goal, and they devote a lot of time and sometimes money into things like AdWords and search engine optimisation. However, not everyone thinks about the return on their investment. So, you may be able to lead a lot of traffic to your website, but it may not be relevant traffic or may not result in any sales. Can your website deal with the amount of traffic you […]
21st March 2014

Traditional SEO is Dead – Thanks to Adaptive SEO

Most businesses have a website, and many business owners have developed a negative opinion of SEO. This may be because they have had a bad experience with an ‘SEO company’ or just cannot see the return on their investment in this area. An new era of SEO is slowly coming in – called Adaptive SEO, and all businesses regardless of their opinion about SEO, should embrace this progression. SEO is now about integrating the various forms of digital marketing to […]
19th February 2014

Why Being Number 1 in Google Means Jack

Ranking reports (where you are placed in Google) need to be read in conjunction with other reports, as they are not a good indicator of the success of an online campaign when viewed alone. But why all the fuss about being ranked number 1 in Google for your key search terms? Being number 1 in Google is valuable to most people because it can drive potentially valuable business to your site. However, it can also attract a huge number of […]