18th December 2013

Packages = Profits

Consumer products use packaging very effectively – we’ve all seen the fast food packaging and pricing of small, medium and large meals. Packaging takes the hassle out of the buying decision for the customer. Studies have shown that most people will pick the medium option, a few will always go for the premium product and a small number opt for the cheapest choice. Packaging products gives businesses a way of putting things together to increase the value of the sale. To read […]
25th October 2013

Yes You Can Increase your Prices

Here is a tried and tested tip that will improve your profitability: Increase your prices Sounds simple doesn’t it? However, this does not mean increasing all of your prices irrespective of market conditions. Many people are frightened of increasing prices, as they think they will lose their customers, as they believe their customers only make a purchase based solely on the price. However, if you stop and think about it: do you only buy the cheapest product, or look for […]
23rd October 2013

How to Create a Good AURA for your Business

This is a simple way to think about how to market your business – the acronym AURA. It stands for: A – to raise your and your businesses profile, people need to be AWARE of you U- The people you are trying to target need to UNDERSTAND what it is that you do or offer. R – Understanding your business isn’t enough – your customers need to see how RELEVANT it is to them. A – stands for ADVOCACY. You […]