12th September 2014

Our Business Needs to Raise it’s Profile – How Long Will it Take?

We are often asked the above question by potential clients. We try to be upfront and manage our clients expectations in relation to this question, and although generating coverage and awareness starts immediately, it can take between 3-6 months for PR to really start working. Being recognised as the expert in a particular field takes longer to achieve – mainly because this space is fiercely competitive irrespective of the sector. The benefits of being called on by the media to comment […]
19th August 2014

Journalists – What Really gets on Their Wick about PR?

Here are some of our do’s and don’ts about approaching journalists. Journalists would, in an ideal world, prefer to produce original content rather than using press releases. However, if you have a good story sourced from good PR, this can provide useful material for a journalist that ultimately makes their job easier. From chatting to reporters over the years, here is the list of our top 5 journalists’ PR hates: 1. How does that relate to our readers? A journalist […]
25th July 2014

PR versus advertising – chalk and cheese?

Many businesses appear to be confused between the difference between PR and advertising. Advertising is focused on the promotion of products or services to encourage people to buy, but PR creates positive publicity about a particular company, organisation or person. The other differences include: Adverts will always be published  – PR may not. You can pay for advertising to be shown as amany times as you can afford. Howevver, with PR You can pay for advertising to feature in the […]
8th July 2014

Dispelling the Myths About What PR is and What it’s Not.

Some business owners have not considered using PR for their business, as they wonder whether it can help them gain new customers or win awards. They also wonder whether PR is only for the huge corporations who have large amounts of money to splash around and who need to shout loudly in the fiercely competitive marketplace they are in. So, if you are not the biggest or even the most successful business in your sector, does that mean you shouldn’t […]
18th June 2014

Is All Publicity Good Publicity? Learning from Passports and Taxis

So, is all publicity good publicity? One brand that is new to the UK is reaping the benefits of a mass protest and the media coverage given to the event.  This new brand is ‘Uber’,  and is a new way to get a taxi in London. The reason that this US brand has made the news is not because it has a carefully orchestrated marketing campaign, but because of the media campaign created by its competitors – black cab drivers. […]
12th December 2013

Making the Most of the Media in a Crisis

When reporting a crisis, the media follows a largely predictable curve. If you realise this, and can be prepared to tap into it at a suitable time, you stand a much better chance of coverage. An example of this is the media coverage of last week’s storm surge here in the UK. If you are in a position to feed a story to the media which fits into the local hero box, or has a vague link to the story, you’re in with a […]
29th November 2013

How to Avoid Reputational Damage

In PR terms, a crisis is simply something which potentially risks damaging your reputation and which in turn will have a detrimental impact on your ability to thrive. It might be something of your own making – a faulty batch of products, noisy lorries leaving the factory and causing neighbours to protest, a piece of news badly delivered. It may be something where you are the victim of malice or the incompetence of others – a competitor spreading a rumour […]
6th November 2013

Negative PR Coverage = Bad. Positive PR Coverage = ?

Have you ever questioned whether you need a PR campaign, or why you have one? if so, then have a think about this: We all know what the worst things are that could happen to our business. We know that if that should happen, we would need to tell our staff, customers, shareholders, and also the media. You will want to tell the media what positive steps you are taking to resolve the issue. To read more of this blog […]
17th October 2013

Seven Tips for Communicating in an Online Crisis

PR should be an important part of your business during the good times as well as the bad ones. Don’t just bring in a PR expert when you have a crisis  – instead ensure that good communication runs through your business so you can handle any incident that may impact upon your reputation. The vast array of social media platforms available to us all today has had a huge impact on the way members of the public can express their anger and concern […]