16th June 2015

You are what you think, so think positively…..

Have you ever thought about whether the thoughts that you think can impact on the moods you have and the way you behave? Studies undertaken by the Universities of Hull, Parma and St Louis suggest that this is the case, although it seems that there are two different areas to consider – what you’re born with, ans what you do with what you’re born with. Just as we’re all born with a certain body type, the researchers have found that […]
19th February 2015

Can I Give You Some Feedback?

Criticism, and feedback can be given to us in so many different ways, and can arrive from so many different places. Constructive criticism is a necessity for personal and professional development and also for strengthening relationships. We don’t always get the opportunity for such, but when we do, being receptive to feedback is essential. But, and it is a big BUT, feedback and criticism can hurt. We all say we want feedback, but actually all we want is to be […]
3rd February 2014

January Blues Wiped out in a Flash

It is the last Monday of January already. Apparently today is suppose to be the most depressing day, the day you are most likely to file for divorce, and so the list for ‘Blue Mondays’ continues. However, the job market is looking increasingly more positive, with falling unemployment rates and an increase in the growth forecast. Why is it then that we are so keen to look on the negative side of things? To read more of this post click […]
4th October 2013

How to Lift Your Mood – Quickly!

Here are three easy ways to help you lift your mood when things go wrong. It is so easy to get dragged down when things don’t go according to plan – maybe a client has cancelled an order you thought was guaranteed or maybe a sales call resulted in a ‘no’ rather than a ‘yes’. We inevitably end up stewing on these things, resulting in a totally spoilt and negative day. To read more about the three simple steps to get […]
11th July 2013

The 3 R’s of Confidence: Reflections, Raisins and Red!

Did you know that reflections, raisins and red can all boost your confidence? So, to start with reflections. Shawn Achor, a Harvard lecturer, found that engaging in only one small positive habit every day for at least three weeks can have a lasting impact on optimism, general wellbeing and life satisfaction. During a study, a group of tax managers at KPMG in New York were asked to engage in one of 5 activities every day that correlate with positive change. […]