13th April 2015

Music on Hold

Anyone who has even been placed on hold whilst on the telephone, has probably at some point listened to music on hold (MOH). However, finding the right music to play can be difficult, and therefore, research has been carried out to find out what waiting callers would prefer to listen to. The research showed that callers would most like to listen to well-known music, with 11% saying that they may wait a little longer on the phone if they listened […]
7th October 2014

Beware of Telecoms Fraud

Communications fraud is becoming increasingly common in the UK. It is defined as the use of telecommunications products or services without the intention to pay for them. It may also be known as Toll Fraud or Call Phreaking. This type of fraud occurs when someone dials into your phone system, and uses your telephone lines to route calls at your expense. These types of calls tend to be to international destinations, costing the bill payer large amounts of money. You […]
24th September 2013

Interesting Facts about Telecoms

“Ahoy” was the original telephone greeting suggested by Alexander Graham Bell. This was later superseded by Thomas Eddison who suggested “Hello”. The origin of the phrase ‘to put someone on hold’ came from Alexander Graham Bell handing over his telephone instrument to his partner Mr Watson and saying, “here, hold this”. Britain’s first mobile phone call was made in January 1985 by veteran comedian Ernie Wise There are 6bn active mobile phones in the world, this figure is expected to […]
6th June 2013

Top tips for Telecoms

Top Tips for Telecoms: Don’t cut corners, telecoms is the lifeblood of your business. It is vitally important that you source the correct products and services from a reputable company. Review your phone bills at least once every two years, over 90% of businesses can easily reduce the rates they are currently paying. Review and possibly change your business telephone system every 5-8 years. Technology is constantly evolving and can help to improve communications between colleagues and customers. When purchasing […]