3rd February 2014

Peer group highlighted 6 or 7 things to work on for my business

27th January 2014

Awash with ideas I need to get on with

2nd December 2013

BiY is where I can share my challenges and learn how to overcome them

11th November 2013

BiY is a genuine resource – I’d highly recommend it

22nd October 2013

New and exciting ideas at peer groups

1st October 2013

BiY – I’d highly recommend it

20th September 2013

BiY – “absolutely invaluable” for my business

16th September 2013

The networking group for me

9th September 2013

Changed my life for the better

6th September 2013

BiY – What an Impact!

A couple of months ago fellow BiY Associate Louise Turner and I were a double act ‘for one night only’ and presented a workshop entitled ‘Boom! Make an Impact’.  For my part I shared my expertise on personal impact and tips on being unforgettable in business.  Following the peer group in August I was prompted to reflect on the ‘impact’ BiY has had on my business. At the August (spare!) peer group we discussed the issue of setting up a […]