16th September 2014

How to Eat an Elephant Using an iPhone

You’ve all heard that question and answer – how do you eat an elephant? Bit by bit until its all gone. So, to twist that question, when do you start eating that elephant? Obviously the answer is as far enough ahead of when it has to be gone so that you can eat it in small chunks so as not to get an elephant sized amount of indigestion! But what if you don’t like the taste of elephant and keep […]
4th June 2014

Organize Yourself for Success

Most people do not see the direct connection between been organized and success. Imagine the wasted time and embarrassment you face when you cannot find the letter/contract/proposal from the dream client who rings up unexpectedly, and you have to make waffling conversation whilst frantically searching your desk for it, only to find it hidden under last week’s post (which you still haven’t opened). Organizing your office and your work-life will help you fulfill your individual potential and also that of […]
15th May 2014

5 Ways to Sort Out Your Spreadsheets

Every company I have worked with uses Excel spreadsheets too much. Business systems get up dated every now and then, and people use Excel to fill that gap. However, this short term fix can easily become the long term answer. Most businesses complete their management accounts in Excel, and even large corporations like Orange use large spreadsheets to do their budgets. But, are these spreadsheets very effective? To read more of this post click here