3rd February 2014

January Blues Wiped out in a Flash

It is the last Monday of January already. Apparently today is suppose to be the most depressing day, the day you are most likely to file for divorce, and so the list for ‘Blue Mondays’ continues. However, the job market is looking increasingly more positive, with falling unemployment rates and an increase in the growth forecast. Why is it then that we are so keen to look on the negative side of things? To read more of this post click […]
9th January 2014

How to Get Anything Done in 2014

How many people have made a resolution this new year, and how many of jus are actually going to keep that resolution?! Studies have shown that 75% of people keep their resolution through the first week of the new year, but only 8% actually of people actually achieve that resolution! However, you can achieve the goals that you set yourself if you really want to. To read more about how to achieve your goals, click here