20th May 2015

How not to do networking

You usually start networking either because you have started your business and you hear that networking is a great way of meeting potential customers, or you are the sales person in your office and your boss wants you to do more networking to meet some new prospects. Either way, you turn up at one of these events, and the only pointers you have had is someone telling you to take a pile of business cards, hand them out to everyone and […]
10th November 2014

The Number One Reason Networking Does not Work

I’m sure that every business owner has been told that they must make themselves more visible to their potential customers and ket them know what they do, and therefore, they must get out there networking. Whilst this is true, it is easier than ever to get visibility these days without going out there working the room at events. So, why doesn’t networking work for most people? The simple reason is that most people spend their time telling people exactly WHAT […]
27th March 2014

Build Lasting Relationships

Relationships are the key to creating new sales pipelines for your business, whatever it’s size. Potential customers will only buy your products or use your services  if they trust you and believe that your company can deliver a great product and good value for money. Unless your company is a very well known brand, it is very difficult to generate business the first time you meet someone. It is how you follow up after your initial meeting that can ensure […]
2nd December 2013

BiY is where I can share my challenges and learn how to overcome them

28th October 2013

I’ve got loads out of BiY

1st October 2013

BiY – I’d highly recommend it

16th September 2013

The networking group for me

9th September 2013

Changed my life for the better

27th August 2013

Most supportive business network – ever

22nd July 2013

Inspiration to drive my business forward

2nd July 2013

Taking Top Teamwork and Referrals on Board: Business in Yorkshire

BiY (Business in Yorkshire) is a one-stop personal and business development support network, that Quest PR is proud to be  a member of. Spearheaded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, their Associates (including Quest’s Sharon Cain) have a wealth of knowledge and experience which is available for members to tap into. From social media to marketing, finance to sales strategy, and even ideas on elephant taming (yes really), BiY covers it all. To read more of this blog, click here
22nd May 2013

10 ways to get more business help from business networking events

Networking events can be a great chance to make new contacts, promote your business and improve your client base. However, in order to get the most possible business from these events, you need to plan carefully. This article gives you 10 key ways in which you can profit from any networking event and get some powerful business help. To read more, click here
16th May 2013

How not to do networking

have you ever wondered how to improve your networking skills, and the do’s and don’ts surrounding it? Here is a comprehensive list of those people that you do not want to be when networking, and who you are bound to meet when you’re out and about. Use these tips to improve your networking, and the business should come flooding in. If you want to know more about how not to do networking, click here