4th August 2015

The Year for Video Marketing

Imagine how powerful your marketing campaign could be if you utilised both words and images to get your message across. Video marketing has been on the edge of brilliance for a few years, but 2015 is set to be the year that it changes the way we communicate with our customers. Of all the data shared in the world, approximately 60% of it is video content, and 36% of that 60% is adverts. Marketeers are also taking advantage of this, […]
28th July 2015

Using your brand to engage with consumers online

Two of the biggest trends in digital marketing during the next year are set to be content marketing and customer experience. It is estimated that 78% of consumers prefer to build a relationship with brands that create unique and personalised content – that is a huge percentage. Companies can use blogs, social media, news stories and much more to get their message across to their consumers and potential customers. This way they can explain their brand identity and ideology. To […]
23rd June 2015

What are you known for?

Your brand can be defined as what people say about you and your company when you’re not there? So, try asking yourself this question ‘what would people say about my brand?’ Unfortunately, what people want to be known for isn’t always what they actually are know for. Some companies spend thousands of pounds on re-brands, and then allow a members of staff to answer the phone in a rude or sullen manner. Thus totally ruining their brand and what they are […]
27th January 2015

Dreadful Presentations…I’ve Started So I’ll Finish

We’ve all been there, listening to those self-indulgent sales pitches. When the presentation runs over by five minutes, your chair becomes particularly firm. When it runs over by 10 minutes, you start to dream of an electrical failure to allow you to escape. Longer than 15 minutes, and you have completely forgotten about the content you’ve just spent the last few hours listening to. Just think about how much it actually costs you to get those people into the room to […]
6th November 2014

Branding Defined by You

Branding is often confused by people. It is not simply your logo. Whilst your logo forms part of your brand, your brand is much more than that. Your brand goes right to the heart of what you do, and more importantly why you do it. A brand also encompasses everything you do that has contact with the public – from the design of your website to the way you answer the phone in your business. To read more of this […]
9th October 2014

Sound Advice from a Video Expert

Having a scalpel doesn’t make you a surgeon Knowing one end of a ladle from the other doesn’t make you a chef And having a video camera doesn’t make you a film director. We can all apply that kind of logic to our own area of expertise. In video, the advent of the iPhone could be seen as sounding the death knell for those of us making corporate video. Certainly, for the right business with the right kind of message […]
8th September 2014

Creating a Memorable Brand Experience

It is a basic need that businesses should deliver their products or services well. However, the businesses that go that little bit further are the ones that really stand out and remain in people’s memory. If you have a business that relies on word of mouth referrals then you should read this blog. Customers these days are too busy to think about and concentrate on everything you have to say. that is why you need to give them something to […]
27th August 2014

5 Photo Tips for Every Business

Photos used to be thought of as space fillers on a website. They were often stock images from photography websites, that were completely unrelated to you, and used with little thought of what they were saying. However, those days are over, and photos should be used to tell a story about you and your business. This is where great photos come in. Read our top 5 photo tips for every business: 1. First Impressions are now online – although we […]
25th July 2014

PR versus advertising – chalk and cheese?

Many businesses appear to be confused between the difference between PR and advertising. Advertising is focused on the promotion of products or services to encourage people to buy, but PR creates positive publicity about a particular company, organisation or person. The other differences include: Adverts will always be published  – PR may not. You can pay for advertising to be shown as amany times as you can afford. Howevver, with PR You can pay for advertising to feature in the […]
20th November 2013

Email Marketing: An Underrated Tactic

People often complain that the increase in technology is decreasing the amount of face-to-face contact, and therefore ruining personal relationships. But lets think about the positives – the parents who can video chat with their children that live many miles away, or those of us that can keep in touch with friends who live on the of side of the globe. To read more about the effect of emails on your marketing, click here
15th November 2013

10 Golden Rules for Communicating in a Crisis

It could be 50 golden rules, and these are in no particular order:     1.     Be available, but build in a safety valve mechanism to buy you time for thought -through responses and information. 2.     Be honest, but phrase your honesty in the right way. 3.     Know what to say sorry for. If you are sorry, say it early. 4.     Don’t be afraid to state the obvious. Of course your thoughts are with the people adversely affected by the crisis but […]
13th November 2013

10 Ways Photos Can Help YOUR Business….

As business owners, we use so many different tools to get our message our there… ·         websites, ·         business cards, ·         social media profiles, ·         brochures, ·         flyers, ·         PR, ·         magazine articles… etc. Where do you start? Well there are a few things which tie these together:– ·         firstly the company name, ·          then a catch strap line to give people a better idea of what you do, ·         perhaps create a great “elevator pitch”  ·         a cool new […]
6th November 2013

Negative PR Coverage = Bad. Positive PR Coverage = ?

Have you ever questioned whether you need a PR campaign, or why you have one? if so, then have a think about this: We all know what the worst things are that could happen to our business. We know that if that should happen, we would need to tell our staff, customers, shareholders, and also the media. You will want to tell the media what positive steps you are taking to resolve the issue. To read more of this blog […]
1st November 2013

Engage Customers Through Video Marketing

Creating effective videos that engage with your customers is not easy. It involves high quality production, a well defined message and a professional delivery. To determine your defined message, you need to pick a topic and then decide exactly what you want to say about that topic. There is a very fine line between spending all your time entertaining someone on the video, rather than actually selling your product or service. However, an effective marketing video is completely achievable with a […]
25th September 2013

The Joys (or Not!) of Public Speaking

Public speaking is daunting for even the most confident of people. Whether you are giving a presentation or speaking in a meeting, it is important to pay attention to the power of your voice. Here are ten top tips on public speaking including being yourself, relaxing and above all how to enjoy the whole experience. To read more about the top ten tips for public speaking click here  
20th September 2013

Guide to Making a Video

The best way to create a great video is to work with the right production company. As with any working relationship especially a creative one, you need to make sure that you and the video company are working towards the same objectives. Before you even begin to make your film, you will need to think about; Your goals for the video and where you intend to display it Your primary target audience Your budget & timeframe Your promotional plans How […]
17th May 2013

The Power of Marketing ONE Thing Only

When you look at your website or brochure, does it look clutttered with information, and full of things to promote? In order to increase profits, businesses often diversify their services, and add more and more strings to their bow. When someone shows an interest in one area of our business, people use it as an opportunity to tell them about the vast number of other things that they do. However, this can lead to generalisation and underselling – the  classic jack-of-all-trades master […]