17th November 2014

When Performance Management Needs to Take Over from Training

If you have ever manage people, you are bound to have come across this scenario. You have trained, reviewed and in some cases maybe even retrained, but you are still not getting the results you hoped to get from a member or members of staff. So, what is the next step? Some people will do nothing and out their head in the sand, but this is not the right thing to do, unless you want to tolerate under performance and […]
16th December 2013

A Coaching Style of Management

Line managers are becoming increasingly expected to coach their teams. There are many benefits of coaching your team, including increased performance and productivity, greater communication between employees and their managers and empowering people to achieve their personal ambitions and goals. To read more of this post click here
19th August 2013

New Management Pitfalls

A new role as a manager can be an exciting, but rather daunting experience. You may now be responsible for a former colleague, or a friend, have the difficult job of making your former colleagues redundant or setting new targets for the team.  Detailed by IRYS are the top ten pitfalls often made by new managers, and the tips on how to overcome them: To read more of this blog, click here