10th July 2014

Finally, We’re Forecasting Growth

A recently published report has shown that 71% of Yorkshire’s smaller businesses are forecasting growth over the next 3 months. There has been a large rise in recruitment, and a quarter of businesses have already taken on more staff.  The question these businesses needed to ask themselves is, did we need a permanent member of staff? Maybe the ideal route would have been to employ a graduate/apprentice to fill the skills gap that existing staff cannot do? To read more […]
22nd January 2014

9 Ways of Being More Attractive to Graduates than Corporates

It appears that smaller dynamic business are becoming more attractive than large corporate companies to graduates when they are starting their careers. Although the large corporate companies market themselves heavily at the career fairs, only 10% of graduates actually get jobs with these companies, and many graduates would actually be happy to work in smaller businesses. Here are 9 ways in which smaller business are more attractive to graduates looking for employment: -Access to decision makers – in a small […]
9th December 2013

4 Ways of Getting the Best from Graduates

As a business owner, what makes a graduate more valuable to you than a non-graduate? It is true that they have learned extra skills ta university but they are only useful to you if they can help your business in some way. How do you employ a graduate in the right role to enhance and bring out these skills, or should they simply just fill a vacancy? To read more of this post click here
7th October 2013

Opportunities for Graduates in SMEs: Why its Failing

Many people believe that graduates don’t want to work in a small business-  that is a myth. Many graduates are not suited to work in the corporate world, or don’t have the grades. When questioned, many smaller businesses found it difficult to recruit graduates from universities, and many had never been contacted by a university to ask whether they would be willing to take on a graduate. To read more of this post, click here