9th January 2014

How to Get Anything Done in 2014

How many people have made a resolution this new year, and how many of jus are actually going to keep that resolution?! Studies have shown that 75% of people keep their resolution through the first week of the new year, but only 8% actually of people actually achieve that resolution! However, you can achieve the goals that you set yourself if you really want to. To read more about how to achieve your goals, click here    
4th September 2013

Set Your Goals, Change Your Business, Change Your life & Celebrate

Studies have been carried out which show that only 3% of the UK population set goals, and those 3% of people are among¬†the wealthiest in the country. When people were asked why they didn’t set goals, one common answer was simply ‘ I don’t know how to’. We teach our kids all sorts of subjects and impart a vast array of knowledge onto them, but we miss one important skill: goal setting. Goal setting can help you change your life […]