27th April 2015

Improve Employee Engagement with 6 Easy Steps

There are only a small percentage of employees who actually feel truly engaged and satisfied at work. Here is our list of 6 easy cost-effective things that you can do as a leader to change that: 1. Don’t forget, you are there for THEM. It is your job to lead/manage your employees effectively, so ask yourself, are you doing this? Take a look at yourself before you start assessing others. 2. Show some respect for your employees To read more […]
6th June 2014

Top Six Tips to Recruiting Effectively

It can be very time consuming and costly to recruit someone into your business. Get it wrong and it could cost your business £40,000 in lost revenue. Here are six top tips to help you recruit more effectively: Evaluate your skills gap – What are the skills you are missing in order for your business to function effectively? Could they already be within your business somewhere? If not, will you need to look externally to bring those skills in? To read […]
5th December 2013

Tips to Avoid Legal Pitfalls at the Company Christmas Party

‘Tis the season of the Christmas party once again. It is a time when the combination of awkward mingling with co-workers plus alcohol can create a social minefield. One mistake can easily turn bad behaviour into a complete legal mess for both the employee and the employer. To read about the ways employers can avoid liability whilst still enjoying the Christmas spirit, click here