6th May 2015

Did you get my email about the order?

Have you ever placed an order with someone and then had to chase up at a later date as to whether they ever received it? Or, have you as the supplier been on the receiving end of the same email? If a person doesn’t acknowledge that you want to spend money with them, it makes you, as the paying customer, feel undervalued. It is also more likely to happen with a long term supplier, rather than a new one. With […]
8th December 2014

Email Marketing: Highly Targeted, Cost Effective, Measurable

Email marketing has been highly successful as it is cost effective, easily measured and it means we can respond quickly to market demands. Whether you are marketing to a small number of people, or a thousands of people, the same best practice principles remain the same. In our opinion, there are 6 steps to achieving the results you want from an email marketing campaign. To read more of this post click here
21st May 2014

Does email marketing work?

We all get them, and most of us send them as well. They ping into our inbox every day. But does email marketing actually work? You need to decide what you want the end result to be and work backwards from that. Many people feel that email marketing is a waste of time, as they have tried it before and it has failed. The reasons for the failure could include a poorly defined purpose for the campaign, there were unrealistic […]
2nd April 2014

Email Campaigns That Really Work

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful and personal ways of connecting with your customers and prospects and can be integrated with your social media marketing more generally. Making sure your message stands out from everyone else is the most important thing. Here are a few tips to help you: Segment your lists – Split your data into relevant categories/groups. Send relevant information to people who have requested it. You will see a higher ‘open rate’ and ‘click through’ […]
13th January 2014

The Age of the Inbox and Effectiveness of Email Marketing

Most businesses need new customers and also need to retain their current customers to survive. Without customers your business cannot survive, but you also need to keep your current customers happy and willing to keep paying for your services and referring people to you. Email marketing can help with both lead generation and customer retention, and this is why it is such an effective tactic for all businesses. To read about 5 ways to generate a list of contacts, click […]
7th August 2013

10 Golden Rules for Effective email Marketing

When it is done well, email marketing can be a very cost-effective way of sharing your message with your target audience. It can be used to reach prospective clients, existing customers and generally spread the word about who you are and what you do. Click here if you want to find out more information or the top ten tips of words and phrases to avoid if you want to stay out of the spam box