28th July 2015

Using your brand to engage with consumers online

Two of the biggest trends in digital marketing during the next year are set to be content marketing and customer experience. It is estimated that 78% of consumers prefer to build a relationship with brands that create unique and personalised content – that is a huge percentage. Companies can use blogs, social media, news stories and much more to get their message across to their consumers and potential customers. This way they can explain their brand identity and ideology. To […]
10th June 2015

What should be on my business card?

I do a lot of networking, so I receive and view a lot of business cards. Some business cards really have the ‘wow’ factor and others just make me cringe! Your business card is very important, and if you go networking, it is the first impression that you give to people. It needs to provide basic information, and it also should have something on it that people will remember you by. So, read on for what you should include on […]
30th March 2015

Why Updating Websites is Important

If you run a business, you need to ensure that you keep your website up to date. If you run any kind of event, course or workshop, you need to make sure it is on your website, otherwise you risk losing potential business. The same goes for those people who sell products at craft fairs or in art galleries. So, apart from missing potential customers, why is this so important? Well, as a starter, out of date information gives a […]
10th November 2014

The Number One Reason Networking Does not Work

I’m sure that every business owner has been told that they must make themselves more visible to their potential customers and ket them know what they do, and therefore, they must get out there networking. Whilst this is true, it is easier than ever to get visibility these days without going out there working the room at events. So, why doesn’t networking work for most people? The simple reason is that most people spend their time telling people exactly WHAT […]
28th October 2014

Anticipate Or End up Like My School Uniform Shop

Anyone who has kids will have undergone the tortuous business of buying the school uniform, and only being able to buy it from the local school uniform shop. As this was the only place you could get a uniform, their prices reflected this – what a great business to have! No need to worry about customer service  -and they didn’t. No need to worry if you ran out of a particular size; after all kids grow so parents can just […]
4th April 2014

Why Google’s Zero Moment of Truth is Important to Your Business

Your target customers are unlikely to see just one tweet, blog post or article in a publication that tells them everything they need to know about your business. You need to tell them, tell them again and tell them some more about your business. Google has coined the phrase ”Zero Moment of Truth’ (ZMOT) to show how the internet has changed the way we make our buying decisions. Rather than the old fashioned funnel of a buyer coming in at […]
14th January 2014

The Importance of a Content Marketing Strategy

We’ve all heard that it only takes a few seconds to make an impression. Well, did you know that if you do not make a great impression on the visitors to your website within three seconds, you will lose over half of them! Those visitors you have worked so hard to get are now gone, lost to your competitors. This is why you need a good marketing strategy for your website. To read more about why you need a marketing […]
13th January 2014

The Age of the Inbox and Effectiveness of Email Marketing

Most businesses need new customers and also need to retain their current customers to survive. Without customers your business cannot survive, but you also need to keep your current customers happy and willing to keep paying for your services and referring people to you. Email marketing can help with both lead generation and customer retention, and this is why it is such an effective tactic for all businesses. To read about 5 ways to generate a list of contacts, click […]
18th December 2013

Packages = Profits

Consumer products use packaging very effectively – we’ve all seen the fast food packaging and pricing of small, medium and large meals. Packaging takes the hassle out of the buying decision for the customer. Studies have shown that most people will pick the medium option, a few will always go for the premium product and a small number opt for the cheapest choice. Packaging products gives businesses a way of putting things together to increase the value of the sale. To read […]
27th August 2013

Ten Proven Techniques for getting more Sales Leads

From tools and techniques for managing yourself and your sales process, through to ideas on how to harness the power of your current customer base, this article is packed with practical tried-and-tested techniques for increasing your sales leads … and ultimately, growing your business. It’s an old adage the people love buying, but hate being sold to … read on via this link to find out how you can capitalise on this approach
22nd August 2013

5 Things to Consider before Cold Calling and how LinkedIn will Help

Cold calling is very rarely enjoyed by anyone, and is at best tolerated by most people. However, with the introduction of LinkedIn and social media, cold calling need not be all that bad. It is a reality that at some point as a business owner, or business development manager, you will have to get on the phone to obtain new customers. So, you may be wondering how LinkedIn and social media can help ease the burden of this job, and […]
5th July 2013

The Chaos Theory of Referrals

Chaos theory is the science of the unpredictable. It is the study of dynamic systems that are extremely sensitive to initial conditions – this effect is commonly known as the butterfly effect. The theory is that miniscule changes in initial conditions can have dramatically different effects on the outcome – hence the idea that a butterfly flapping its wings in a Brazilian jungle can trigger a tornado in Texas. I have my own theory that this can also be applied to […]
22nd May 2013

Social marketing strategies that bring customers running

The top ten tips on how to use social media to encourage more customers to use your business.  Including making the best use of Twitter and LikedIn to making new friends who would have an interest in what you have to say. If you want to read more of this blog post, click here