10th August 2015

Where are your Customers Hanging out Online?

Can you believe that Facebook has existed for over 11 years – doesn’t that make you feel old?! It may seem that social media is still the reserve of the young, however the reality is very different. In fact, it can be argued that Facebook is where the middle-aged hang out, and the youth of today spend most of their time documenting their time in short 10 second bursts on Snapchat. So,where do your demographic hang out these days? To […]
27th May 2015

Generating new business for your creative agency using the power of referrals (part 1)

When I have asked the owner of a creative agency what is their greatest source of new business, the answer is always ‘referrals’. Generating a constant stream of good introductions is vital if you want to grow your agency. Here’s one way of looking at it: Imagine you only had 2 customers. If, at the start of the year, they each referred two potential customers to you, and you converted 50% of those, then at the end of the January, […]
6th May 2015

Did you get my email about the order?

Have you ever placed an order with someone and then had to chase up at a later date as to whether they ever received it? Or, have you as the supplier been on the receiving end of the same email? If a person doesn’t acknowledge that you want to spend money with them, it makes you, as the paying customer, feel undervalued. It is also more likely to happen with a long term supplier, rather than a new one. With […]
1st December 2014

5 Road Blocks to Business Success

No one ever said building a business was easy. If it was, everyone would do it. Pushing on through the tough days is what makes the difference between Entrepreneurs and the Wantrapreneurs. So, while you’re building your business, you need to be aware of the potential roadblocks that can stall your sales or destroy your dreams. My five main roadblocks are: Those people who do not know who their ideal BUYING Customer is –If you haven’t established this, you may end […]
6th November 2014

Branding Defined by You

Branding is often confused by people. It is not simply your logo. Whilst your logo forms part of your brand, your brand is much more than that. Your brand goes right to the heart of what you do, and more importantly why you do it. A brand also encompasses everything you do that has contact with the public – from the design of your website to the way you answer the phone in your business. To read more of this […]
21st August 2014

UK Economy Grows, Customer Satisfaction Declines

Although the UK economy appears to be on the rise after the worst slump since WWII, customer satisfaction is on the decline. The UK Customer Satisfaction Index was updated in July 2014, which showed the third consecutive drop in customer satisfaction over the last 18 months. Of the 197 organisations featured in the survey, only 28 increased their satisfaction scores, with 96 seeing their scores decline. To read more of this post click here
5th August 2014

Core Values Define Culture

Core values should define what your culture is and are the manifestation of culture. They should not change just because times are tough, or because your business has expanded. They are the rules your business should follow. Your culture is based on the average values of everyone who is currently employed in your company. Culture fit is defined by how well a person can fit with your core values. To read more of this post click here
25th June 2014

Do You Really Know Who Your Customer Is?

Everyone is different- they all have different tastes, different ideas of what they want and like and different ways of working. Many websites out there do not recognise this, and therefore they appear to be a simple catalogue of products which makes it very difficult for the customer to decide why they should buy from that particular company. The internet is a double edged sword. When you have a website you are accessible to people the world over meaning that […]
27th March 2014

Build Lasting Relationships

Relationships are the key to creating new sales pipelines for your business, whatever it’s size. Potential customers will only buy your products or use your services  if they trust you and believe that your company can deliver a great product and good value for money. Unless your company is a very well known brand, it is very difficult to generate business the first time you meet someone. It is how you follow up after your initial meeting that can ensure […]
26th February 2014

Pay-Per-Click: It’s not One Dimensional

If you own and run a business, you will be familiar with the discussions surrounding SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC advertising (pay-per-click), and the arguments around which is best for your business. Rather than choosing one over the other, if you use both together you will maximise the benefits. To find out more about SEO and PPC click here
14th February 2014

UKCSI Results – Consumer Satisfaction is on the Decline

The most recent version of the UK Customer Satisfaction Index was released in January of this year. It was commissioned by the Institute of Customer services. Some points of interest include: -Customer satisfaction has fallen for the second consecutive 12 month period. -The only sector where customer satisfaction has improved is banking. – A one point increase in customer satisfaction (out of ten), provides a 10% increase in customer loyalty and recommendation. To read more of this post click here
22nd November 2013

Customer Loyalty or a Marriage of Convenience?

Customer loyalty is what most companies strive for. It is often discussed at board meetings, and is mentioned alongside shareholder value, profit and sales. However, there is an issue of congruence here – companies say one thing and then do something completely different. A common example of this is the automatic renewal system that occurs in the insurance industry. To read more of this post click here
10th June 2013

Who really buys your products or services?

When you’re marketing a product or service, it is worth rembering who you’re actually marketing to. Regardless of the end product, do you know who is buying your product or service, and how does this vary according to the location and time of the year? To read more about this post, click here
6th June 2013

Making every customer experience count

What happens when companies get it wrong with their customers? Well, they create people who go out and tell all of their friends, family and anyone else who willl listen just how awful your brand is. Strangely, people are three times more likely to complain than they are to celebrate. With the ever growing world of social media, it is very easy to see an online moan on Twitter escalate into a full on hate campaign against your brand. To […]