29th August 2014

Slides, Friction and Customer Experience

I can remember a couple of times when I was young that my Mum actually polished the slide in my local park. Yes, she took a can of polish and a duster to the park and polished the slide surface! The polishing meant that the slide experience was even more exciting, as I flew down the slide extremely fast and without any friction, and myself and my friends repeated this process time and time again. It is just the same […]
21st August 2014

UK Economy Grows, Customer Satisfaction Declines

Although the UK economy appears to be on the rise after the worst slump since WWII, customer satisfaction is on the decline. The UK Customer Satisfaction Index was updated in July 2014, which showed the third consecutive drop in customer satisfaction over the last 18 months. Of the 197 organisations featured in the survey, only 28 increased their satisfaction scores, with 96 seeing their scores decline. To read more of this post click here