6th May 2015

Did you get my email about the order?

Have you ever placed an order with someone and then had to chase up at a later date as to whether they ever received it? Or, have you as the supplier been on the receiving end of the same email? If a person doesn’t acknowledge that you want to spend money with them, it makes you, as the paying customer, feel undervalued. It is also more likely to happen with a long term supplier, rather than a new one. With […]
5th November 2013

Who is in Charge of Your Flight Path?

I was recently flying into London, and spending a while without technology gave me some much needed thinking time. I thought that having worked with many businesses about defining their goals, it just struck me how many people are hedging their bets on a single client, or the elusive prospect they are sure will one day become the BIG client. To read more of this blog click here