5th June 2015

Forget the grades – find a graduate that fits your culture

Small companies (generally owner managed) have a unique culture which is heavily influenced by you as the owner. It is an extension of the way you work, your interests and your skills and experience. Your staff will have moulded themselves to fit within the way you operate. If they don’t get on with you a small business owner, there is only going to be one loser. However, taking on a graduate is a bit different. They can bring a new […]
1st June 2015

Why bother with your brand and marketing?

I  work  with  a  lot  of  small  businesses.  And  I’m  always  struck  by  how  much  they   (we)  are all  master  jugglers  -­‐  with  so  much  to think about  to  run  a  small  business,  it’s   easy  to  prioritise  immediate  concerns  –  we  all  have  constant  and  important   deadlines. But  this  isn’t  another  one  of  those  lectures  about  ‘separating  the  important  from  the urgent’…  my  intention  is  to  make  you  think about  why  your  brand  and  your   marketing […]
30th April 2015

Why ‘Taking Part’ is Good for your Business

Have you noticed that every week there is a National Something day, or an Awareness day of some sort or another? In your area there will be promotional events such as food festivals, music festivals, book weeks etc. These events have increased in the last 10 years or so for several reasons, such as they raise awareness of a cause or issue and they often tie in with raising money for charity. As a business owner, you should really try […]
9th January 2015

What Attracts a Graduate to Your Company?

When a small business writes a job advert for a graduate, they often end up drawing a blank, and don’t know why. Why are they struggling to attract a graduate? Students are very keen to join a small business, if the role advertised was made attractive to them. The advert that is written needs to appeal to the qualities they look for from a small business owner and for their career. To read more of this post click here
1st December 2014

5 Road Blocks to Business Success

No one ever said building a business was easy. If it was, everyone would do it. Pushing on through the tough days is what makes the difference between Entrepreneurs and the Wantrapreneurs. So, while you’re building your business, you need to be aware of the potential roadblocks that can stall your sales or destroy your dreams. My five main roadblocks are: Those people who do not know who their ideal BUYING Customer is –If you haven’t established this, you may end […]
19th November 2014

FRS 102 -Are You Ready?

The new Financial Reporting Standard (FRS) 102 regulations affecting medium and large companies will be coming into place and starting to affect your accounting period beginning on or after 1st January 2015. Are you ready for it? You will need to know what areas of the your business this will affect. Some of the areas that are being looked at include calculating holiday pay and staff costs; re-valuing your fixed assets; grants; revenue splits – the list continues. To read more […]
10th November 2014

The Number One Reason Networking Does not Work

I’m sure that every business owner has been told that they must make themselves more visible to their potential customers and ket them know what they do, and therefore, they must get out there networking. Whilst this is true, it is easier than ever to get visibility these days without going out there working the room at events. So, why doesn’t networking work for most people? The simple reason is that most people spend their time telling people exactly WHAT […]
31st October 2014

10 Tips for a TLC Business

To succeed in business today, you need have a clear strategy, a good plan, robust internal processes, and the right team advising you. So here is our starter for 10. 1. Know who you are and where you are going – have a clear proposition of what you do with a plan of action to achieve your objectives. 2. U nderstand the Risks and Rewards – being aware of the potential risks and taking steps to militating against them. 3. […]
24th October 2014

Top Five Things to Ask Your Recruitment Partner

Here are my top five questions that you should be asking any recruitment company who are going to hep you find some more staff for your business: 1. What do I get for my money? Rather than asking what will it cost, ask what you will actually get for your cash. To read the other four top tips click here
22nd October 2014

Does Your Business Need More Clarity?

The world of business is an uncertain one, full of change and complex issues. When you are the boss, everyone expects you to be able to steer the business and have an answer to every query. You may also be expected to know whats happening out there in the market as well as whats happening in the business. If only things were that easy! So, we need to accept that you can’t know everything especially when its external to the […]
10th September 2014

7 Essential Business Systems to Make 6-Figures Without Burning Out

Anyone running their own business will realise that this job involves millions of details and moving parts. If you are the only person you rely on to remember and act on all of these things, you will get burnt out. Things will get missed and fall through the cracks, and ultimately this will result in the loss of customers. This is why the creation of systems is crucial if you are to create a joined up and productive business. People […]
4th September 2014

How Do I Recruit the Right Person?

As I recruiter, I have often been asked the question “How do I recruit the right person?” There is no straightforward and definitive answer for this. However, having given it a lot of thought, I have come up with 12 steps that should make it easier for you to find and recruit the right person. 1. Know what skills you need – Undertake an analysis of the job. Often when this is done, a business finds that the skills they […]
3rd September 2014

Why No-One Talks to Car Salesmen Anymore.

The internet has had a seriously detrimental effect on car salesmen and car showrooms. Buying cars from online businesses has undercut the car showroom hugely, and this is only set to continue. Years ago we would have visited a few different showrooms to chat to the salesmen before making a purchase. Nowadays, the research can all be dome online. Whether you’ve ever thought about it like this or not, but your business is like a car showroom. This example can […]
11th August 2014

Is It You? Some Food for Thought

Much of the strategic marketing I do with businesses is based on three simple questions: 1. What am I selling and what problem does it solve? 2. Who do I think will buy it, and what exactly do I know about my customers? 3. Why do they choose my product over another similar one? If you know who you are aiming your products or services at, and how to create really compelling marketing messages aimed at that specific group of […]
5th August 2014

Core Values Define Culture

Core values should define what your culture is and are the manifestation of culture. They should not change just because times are tough, or because your business has expanded. They are the rules your business should follow. Your culture is based on the average values of everyone who is currently employed in your company. Culture fit is defined by how well a person can fit with your core values. To read more of this post click here
31st July 2014

The Future of Content Marketing

It is my opinion that content marketing will eventually end up back in the hands of creatives and copywriters. The current problem is that due to the proflieration of YouTube, Facebook, blogging, social media platforms etc, everyone becomes a content creator and it becomes very easy to think you can do it all yourself. Before the onset of all this, content creation was left to the creatives – if you wanted a big idea and story crafting you had to […]
28th July 2014

4 Reasons to Rethink Your Reluctance of Technology

Most people are not resistant to changing their technology, but just don’t want to change it regularly. Many smaller businesses have the view of  ‘it if ain’t broke don’t fix it’. Have you upgraded your technology in the past year, and do you even have the skills or staff to do this? Or is this something you do every 10 years when the old technology has failed? Here are my four reasons about why you should change your reluctance of […]
18th July 2014

Could This Help You to Increase Your Sales Growth by 3109%?

Research suggests that 73% of business buyers say ‘No’ at least five times to any salesperson before they eventually say ”Yes’. The same research also states that 92% of salespeople give up and move on to another target before they get to their fifth ”No’. That means that 92% of the sales force rush around trying to get hold of the 27% of sales where decisions are made quickly, 8% of sales people wait around and stand the chance of […]
30th June 2014

Organising Your Space For Success – Are You in The Right Space At The Right Time?

To enable you to grow your business and reach the next level of success, you need to create an environment around you that allows you to do this. One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is trying to do all of their activities from the same place e.g. your home office. Sitting at your desk trying to work on your financial spreadsheet whilst getting interrupted by phone calls, and then trying to return to your spreadsheet is a recipe […]
4th June 2014

Organize Yourself for Success

Most people do not see the direct connection between been organized and success. Imagine the wasted time and embarrassment you face when you cannot find the letter/contract/proposal from the dream client who rings up unexpectedly, and you have to make waffling conversation whilst frantically searching your desk for it, only to find it hidden under last week’s post (which you still haven’t opened). Organizing your office and your work-life will help you fulfill your individual potential and also that of […]
21st May 2014

Does email marketing work?

We all get them, and most of us send them as well. They ping into our inbox every day. But does email marketing actually work? You need to decide what you want the end result to be and work backwards from that. Many people feel that email marketing is a waste of time, as they have tried it before and it has failed. The reasons for the failure could include a poorly defined purpose for the campaign, there were unrealistic […]
9th May 2014

So, What do YOU do?

Every person in an organisation needs someone else’s help at some point, whether that is part of the day to day running of the business or due to an emergency. Whether they are the MD or the kitchen staff, every person in an organisation has to consider themselves part of a team, otherwise the business will not operate smoothly. On a course to help people build their assertiveness skills, one delegate claimed that she did not totally understand what the […]
11th April 2014

What is Strategy and Does it Matter?

Strategic marketing has an important part to play in business planning – a business develops its products and service in response to the identification of  specific need by a particular group of customers. Many businesses manage to exist without ever identifying their target market, or without any understanding of how they can satisfy their customer needs. To read more of this post, click here
4th April 2014

Why Google’s Zero Moment of Truth is Important to Your Business

Your target customers are unlikely to see just one tweet, blog post or article in a publication that tells them everything they need to know about your business. You need to tell them, tell them again and tell them some more about your business. Google has coined the phrase ”Zero Moment of Truth’ (ZMOT) to show how the internet has changed the way we make our buying decisions. Rather than the old fashioned funnel of a buyer coming in at […]
27th March 2014

Build Lasting Relationships

Relationships are the key to creating new sales pipelines for your business, whatever it’s size. Potential customers will only buy your products or use your services  if they trust you and believe that your company can deliver a great product and good value for money. Unless your company is a very well known brand, it is very difficult to generate business the first time you meet someone. It is how you follow up after your initial meeting that can ensure […]
24th March 2014

2014 Budget – What it Means for You

The latest budget has just been announced by Chancellor George Osborne. It appears that austerity measures will continue until 2018/2019, when the budget deficit is expected to have been reduced to zero, as it is believed that faster growth alone will not balance the books. Here are the highlights of the budget from a small business perspective: – The higher tax rate has been increased very slightly from £41,450 to £41,860. – ISA limits have been increased to £15,000 – […]
19th March 2014

3 Google Analytics Reports Every Marketing Professional Should Use

Several years ago the ‘Keyword report’ in Google Analytics would have been deemed as rather important in working out what search terms were driving traffic to our websites. It would also show us which ages were not showing up for these search terms.  However, this report is not really available any more, as most of this data is now hidden by Google. However, we still have many reports at our disposal to check, and one that is particularly useful is […]
17th March 2014

6 Powerful Money Habits You Can Implement Right Now

Time and time again people avoid dealing with the money in their business, although if you can get it sorted it can make a massive difference to your business. Whilst dealing with money issues can be difficult and challenging, it is something that has to be done. ere are six tips that you can put in place now to make a huge difference to your business: Regularly track your income: don’t just track your expenses, track your income too. This […]
7th March 2014

Wrongful and Insolvent Trading: A Brief Guide

At the first sign of financial difficulty, the director of a business should seek financial advice. If you cannot pay the bills, the rent or any of your creditor accounts, this may be a sign that the business is failing and this should be taken seriously. If a business continues to operate with considering the financial situation, the director can be accused of wrongful or fraudulent trading. This means that they may be held personally liable for the company’s debts. To […]