13th February 2015

Discover the Key Benefits of Starting Your Own Blog

Blogging can be a great way of reaching out to find people who are interested in what you are selling and in what you have to say. The other bonus to blogging is that it is low cost, and it is easy to do. It can seem hard when you first start, but once you are into the swing of things, you will see the benefits that blogging can bring to your business. Read on to discover the details that […]
12th September 2014

Our Business Needs to Raise it’s Profile – How Long Will it Take?

We are often asked the above question by potential clients. We try to be upfront and manage our clients expectations in relation to this question, and although generating coverage and awareness starts immediately, it can take between 3-6 months for PR to really start working. Being recognised as the¬†expert in a particular field takes longer to achieve – mainly because this space is fiercely competitive irrespective of the sector. The benefits of being called on by the media to comment […]
13th June 2014

A Formula to Limit the Damage of Social Media Criticism

The current world of social media and the numerous digital platforms provides people with the opportunity to comment on or complain about almost everything – companies, a service, even employees. Some of the complaints or criticism can be genuine and provide invaluable insights to help a company improve their service or hone their offering. However, not all businesses deal with and answer their negative comments, which is in itself damaging. To read more of this post click here