8th April 2014

The Power of Horse Assisted Coaching

3rd February 2014

Peer group highlighted 6 or 7 things to work on for my business

27th January 2014

Awash with ideas I need to get on with

2nd December 2013

BiY is where I can share my challenges and learn how to overcome them

25th November 2013

BiY has helped me focus on where I want to be

11th November 2013

BiY is a genuine resource – I’d highly recommend it

28th October 2013

I’ve got loads out of BiY

22nd October 2013

New and exciting ideas at peer groups

1st October 2013

BiY – I’d highly recommend it

20th September 2013

BiY – “absolutely invaluable” for my business

16th September 2013

The networking group for me

9th September 2013

Changed my life for the better

3rd September 2013

Network with like-minded

27th August 2013

Most supportive business network – ever

8th August 2013

An invaluable service for business owners

22nd July 2013

Inspiration to drive my business forward

5th July 2013

Big support for small business

5th July 2013

“My own board of non-exec directors”