16th June 2015

You are what you think, so think positively…..

Have you ever thought about whether the thoughts that you think can impact on the moods you have and the way you behave? Studies undertaken by the Universities of Hull, Parma and St Louis suggest that this is the case, although it seems that there are two different areas to consider – what you’re born with, ans what you do with what you’re born with. Just as we’re all born with a certain body type, the researchers have found that […]
20th January 2014

Getting Your Business Cash Flowing Smoothly – Top Ten Tips

December and January are traditionally the time for businesses when cash flow is at its weakest. Read these top 10 tips to help your business cash flow improve for the future: – Get every invoice out promptly-  the sooner you invoice, the sooner you’ll get paid! – Give them a reason to pay early, such as a discount. Make this obvious on the invoice, but make sure you can afford to do it! To read the 8 other tips, click […]
13th January 2014

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