10th February 2015

6 Essential Steps to Hiring the Right Photgrapher

How do you choose the right photographer for you? Well, firstly you need to decide what you want from a photographer before starting. Go online and check out the websites of a number of different people, and get a mental picture of what you want. This will help guide you through the process. Check with those photographers that you know first. Can they do the ‘style’ that you want and are their photos of the right ‘quality’ for you? To […]
21st January 2015

3 Things You Never Think of When Hiring Photographers

So, you need to get some photos taken to make you look great. Maybe it is for  press release, or to fill pages on your website. How do you choose a photographer? Do you choose the one that is the cheapest or the one that your mates recommend? Whilst the second option is probably better than the first, just because they did a good job for your friend does not mean that they will do a good job for you. […]
12th September 2014

Our Business Needs to Raise it’s Profile – How Long Will it Take?

We are often asked the above question by potential clients. We try to be upfront and manage our clients expectations in relation to this question, and although generating coverage and awareness starts immediately, it can take between 3-6 months for PR to really start working. Being recognised as the expert in a particular field takes longer to achieve – mainly because this space is fiercely competitive irrespective of the sector. The benefits of being called on by the media to comment […]
27th August 2014

5 Photo Tips for Every Business

Photos used to be thought of as space fillers on a website. They were often stock images from photography websites, that were completely unrelated to you, and used with little thought of what they were saying. However, those days are over, and photos should be used to tell a story about you and your business. This is where great photos come in. Read our top 5 photo tips for every business: 1. First Impressions are now online – although we […]
19th August 2014

Journalists – What Really gets on Their Wick about PR?

Here are some of our do’s and don’ts about approaching journalists. Journalists would, in an ideal world, prefer to produce original content rather than using press releases. However, if you have a good story sourced from good PR, this can provide useful material for a journalist that ultimately makes their job easier. From chatting to reporters over the years, here is the list of our top 5 journalists’ PR hates: 1. How does that relate to our readers? A journalist […]
20th June 2014

Three Reasons Why You Need Video on Your Website

These days, a website that doesn’t have video content is just like a site without pictures was 10 years ago. High quality video is no longer the preserve of only the rich and famous and is easily affordable to almost every business. Here are three reasons to get ahead of your competitors by utilising the power of video on your site. 1. Make eye contact. People like to do business with people. You can use video to make direct eye […]
6th February 2014

Its All About You

All business owners know that they are the ‘face’ of their company. The original idea, the hard work to get it all started, the risk you take for the business are all down to you. In view of this, why do so many business owners hide their real face away on their websites, in print or on social media, when they could use a great photo of themselves that says a lot about who they really are? To read more […]
29th January 2014

5 Reasons to Hire a Pro Photographer

1. Make your team famous! – there may be competitive rivalry between different teams, or between different business areas, so why not make your team famous and ‘get one up’ on your colleagues! 2. Impartial photos – an official photographer has no idea who the management are, so is more likely to take photos of all members of the team, rather than taking many shots of the management team. To read more of this post click here
20th September 2013

Guide to Making a Video

The best way to create a great video is to work with the right production company. As with any working relationship especially a creative one, you need to make sure that you and the video company are working towards the same objectives. Before you even begin to make your film, you will need to think about; Your goals for the video and where you intend to display it Your primary target audience Your budget & timeframe Your promotional plans How […]
2nd July 2013

Taking Top Teamwork and Referrals on Board: Business in Yorkshire

BiY (Business in Yorkshire) is a one-stop personal and business development support network, that Quest PR is proud to be  a member of. Spearheaded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, their Associates (including Quest’s Sharon Cain) have a wealth of knowledge and experience which is available for members to tap into. From social media to marketing, finance to sales strategy, and even ideas on elephant taming (yes really), BiY covers it all. To read more of this blog, click here
22nd May 2013

7 steps to becoming unpopular on LinkedIn

It is said that manners cost little and are remembered; bad manners linger longer. Reputation management is about your behavious and actions, whereas brand management is about what you put out in the form of your e-mails, website, social media posts and buisness card. Are you giving out mixed messages? Read more about the seven ways to become unpopular on LinkedIn by clicking here
22nd May 2013

What does your ‘profile photo’ say about you?

Everyone in buisness uses social media, either Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook or all three, and they all allow us to upload a photo of ourselves. Most people’s first impressions of you come from this photo, so what is yours saying about you? If you want to read more about what does your ‘profile photo’ say about you, click here
9th May 2013

Engaging your audience online

As with any marketing activity an effective online strategy begins with your audience. Clearly identifying your audience will allow you to start to think about where they spend their time online and which channels might be most appropriate to engage them on.