10th August 2015

Where are your Customers Hanging out Online?

Can you believe that Facebook has existed for over 11 years – doesn’t that make you feel old?! It may seem that social media is still the reserve of the young, however the reality is very different. In fact, it can be argued that Facebook is where the middle-aged hang out, and the youth of today spend most of their time documenting their time in short 10 second bursts on Snapchat. So,where do your demographic hang out these days? To […]
28th July 2015

Using your brand to engage with consumers online

Two of the biggest trends in digital marketing during the next year are set to be content marketing and customer experience. It is estimated that 78% of consumers prefer to build a relationship with brands that create unique and personalised content – that is a huge percentage. Companies can use blogs, social media, news stories and much more to get their message across to their consumers and potential customers. This way they can explain their brand identity and ideology. To […]
27th May 2015

Generating new business for your creative agency using the power of referrals (part 1)

When I have asked the owner of a creative agency what is their greatest source of new business, the answer is always ‘referrals’. Generating a constant stream of good introductions is vital if you want to grow your agency. Here’s one way of looking at it: Imagine you only had 2 customers. If, at the start of the year, they each referred two potential customers to you, and you converted 50% of those, then at the end of the January, […]
20th May 2015

How not to do networking

You usually start networking either because you have started your business and you hear that networking is a great way of meeting potential customers, or you are the sales person in your office and your boss wants you to do more networking to meet some new prospects. Either way, you turn up at one of these events, and the only pointers you have had is someone telling you to take a pile of business cards, hand them out to everyone and […]
6th May 2015

Did you get my email about the order?

Have you ever placed an order with someone and then had to chase up at a later date as to whether they ever received it? Or, have you as the supplier been on the receiving end of the same email? If a person doesn’t acknowledge that you want to spend money with them, it makes you, as the paying customer, feel undervalued. It is also more likely to happen with a long term supplier, rather than a new one. With […]
30th April 2015

Why ‘Taking Part’ is Good for your Business

Have you noticed that every week there is a National Something day, or an Awareness day of some sort or another? In your area there will be promotional events such as food festivals, music festivals, book weeks etc. These events have increased in the last 10 years or so for several reasons, such as they raise awareness of a cause or issue and they often tie in with raising money for charity. As a business owner, you should really try […]
18th March 2015

5 Steps to Successfully Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Most businesses assume that their competitors are always trying to steal their customers. The reason for that is that in a large part, it’s true! A lot of businesses choose to stay in a bubble, where they refuse to welcome technology and innovation, which would lead to them having a competitive edge. Whilst you need to be aware of your competitors and what they are doing elsewhere to take your customers away, you also need to be self-aware about your […]
8th December 2014

Email Marketing: Highly Targeted, Cost Effective, Measurable

Email marketing has been highly successful as it is cost effective, easily measured and it means we can respond quickly to market demands. Whether you are marketing to a small number of people, or a thousands of people, the same best practice principles remain the same. In our opinion, there are 6 steps to achieving the results you want from an email marketing campaign. To read more of this post click here
14th November 2014

Get More from Facebook Ads with Custom Audiences

Do you use Facebook advertising or are you thinking about using it to improve your reach to potential customers? Well, here is some information that may offer you an even smarter way to advertise. Most people use Facebook ads to target their potential customers, relying upon the ‘Interests’ and other demographic data to refine their targeting, and hoping that this will ensure that their adverts reach the correct target audience. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this, it does rely on […]
12th November 2014

7 Ways to Generate New Business Referrals for Your Creative Agency

Here are my seven ways to generate more business: 1. Use LinkedIn – this is a great way to generate referrals. Your profile should tell the world who your ideal client is. You need to use your existing connections to get referrals to the people you want to do business with. 2. Say Thankyou  – thank your clients for placing their trust in you. Have you thought about thanking them by taking them out for dinner, to an event or […]
28th October 2014

Anticipate Or End up Like My School Uniform Shop

Anyone who has kids will have undergone the tortuous business of buying the school uniform, and only being able to buy it from the local school uniform shop. As this was the only place you could get a uniform, their prices reflected this – what a great business to have! No need to worry about customer service  -and they didn’t. No need to worry if you ran out of a particular size; after all kids grow so parents can just […]
16th October 2014

Zoho CRM, The Much Requested One Pager

I’ve been asked several times to summarise Zoho CRM in a few words, so that even a non systems and non CRM expert can understand it, so here is a one page summary. Zoho CRM is a cloud based business system development platform. This is accessed through a browser on a computer, and is also available as an app on a smart phone or tablet. Zoho CRM can be used either by an Enterprise wide SME on a permanent basis, […]
29th September 2014

It’s about Merchandising – Six Tips to Replicate Pester Power in Your Website

We’ve all stood at that supermarket check out and been tempted to buy the array of sweets and snacks that have been placed right next to the checkout, or been nattered at by a little person who can also see those delicious items and wants them ‘Now!’. Supermarkets also put certain items at eye level to encourage you to buy them, and put and others above or below your eye-line. These tactics undoubtedly work, and drives sales volume, otherwise they […]
16th September 2014

How to Eat an Elephant Using an iPhone

You’ve all heard that question and answer – how do you eat an elephant? Bit by bit until its all gone. So, to twist that question, when do you start eating that elephant? Obviously the answer is as far enough ahead of when it has to be gone so that you can eat it in small chunks so as not to get an elephant sized amount of indigestion! But what if you don’t like the taste of elephant and keep […]
3rd September 2014

Why No-One Talks to Car Salesmen Anymore.

The internet has had a seriously detrimental effect on car salesmen and car showrooms. Buying cars from online businesses has undercut the car showroom hugely, and this is only set to continue. Years ago we would have visited a few different showrooms to chat to the salesmen before making a purchase. Nowadays, the research can all be dome online. Whether you’ve ever thought about it like this or not, but your business is like a car showroom. This example can […]
1st September 2014

Hours of Hashtags

Business owners have found that Twitter is a great way of engaging with new people and potential customers for their business. So, what exactly are these #hours? These hashtag hours are a great way to talk to other twitters in and around a certain location, or to engage with those people that wish to talk about a certain topic. It is also a great way to chat to people in your local community. To read more of this post click […]
29th August 2014

Slides, Friction and Customer Experience

I can remember a couple of times when I was young that my Mum actually polished the slide in my local park. Yes, she took a can of polish and a duster to the park and polished the slide surface! The polishing meant that the slide experience was even more exciting, as I flew down the slide extremely fast and without any friction, and myself and my friends repeated this process time and time again. It is just the same […]
21st August 2014

UK Economy Grows, Customer Satisfaction Declines

Although the UK economy appears to be on the rise after the worst slump since WWII, customer satisfaction is on the decline. The UK Customer Satisfaction Index was updated in July 2014, which showed the third consecutive drop in customer satisfaction over the last 18 months. Of the 197 organisations featured in the survey, only 28 increased their satisfaction scores, with 96 seeing their scores decline. To read more of this post click here
11th August 2014

Is It You? Some Food for Thought

Much of the strategic marketing I do with businesses is based on three simple questions: 1. What am I selling and what problem does it solve? 2. Who do I think will buy it, and what exactly do I know about my customers? 3. Why do they choose my product over another similar one? If you know who you are aiming your products or services at, and how to create really compelling marketing messages aimed at that specific group of […]
7th August 2014

Don’t Make Life Difficult, The Alternative is Too Easy

The internet is a great tool for putting your company in front of people who might never have seen/found your business. However, this comes at a price as the competition for anything is now much greater, as many more businesses are completing online for the same number of customers. Have you ever searched for your product on Google, to see who else appears on page 1? Whether you consider those people to be genuine competition is irrelevant, as the customer […]
25th June 2014

Do You Really Know Who Your Customer Is?

Everyone is different- they all have different tastes, different ideas of what they want and like and different ways of working. Many websites out there do not recognise this, and therefore they appear to be a simple catalogue of products which makes it very difficult for the customer to decide why they should buy from that particular company. The internet is a double edged sword. When you have a website you are accessible to people the world over meaning that […]
9th June 2014

Why it’s Dangerous to Rely on One Source of Web Traffic

Some companies rely solely on one source of leads for their business. Google is the main player in the world of generating website traffic, however it is not the only player. By combining our search marketing work (typically Google Adwords) with other channels (for example social media), we minimise the risk of losing web traffic should Google decide to update its algorithm (meaning that we may lose ranking) or if your competitors decide to up their game. To read more […]
21st May 2014

Does email marketing work?

We all get them, and most of us send them as well. They ping into our inbox every day. But does email marketing actually work? You need to decide what you want the end result to be and work backwards from that. Many people feel that email marketing is a waste of time, as they have tried it before and it has failed. The reasons for the failure could include a poorly defined purpose for the campaign, there were unrealistic […]
24th April 2014

Do Not Feed the Bears……They Bite Anyway

The internet is a great tool for businesses. It allows you to extend your reach to customers that otherwise would have been unavailable, and opening up channels to additional revenues. As it is relatively cheap to access the internet, it allows businesses of any size and age to use this channel to find new business. However, these same two factors (easy accessibility and low-cost) mean that this is a double edged sword – it makes the market much more competitive […]
17th April 2014

You Have Seven Seconds…..Make Them Count

Studies have shown that we make our first impression almost immediately, and that first impression can linger with us for a long time. So, even before you have had chance to open your mouth and introduce yourself, someone else will have formed an opinion of you based on the way you look and the way you act. Are we saying that what we say has no bearing on this at all?! Studies show that approximately 93% of how people judge […]
11th April 2014

What is Strategy and Does it Matter?

Strategic marketing has an important part to play in business planning – a business develops its products and service in response to the identification of  specific need by a particular group of customers. Many businesses manage to exist without ever identifying their target market, or without any understanding of how they can satisfy their customer needs. To read more of this post, click here
4th April 2014

Why Google’s Zero Moment of Truth is Important to Your Business

Your target customers are unlikely to see just one tweet, blog post or article in a publication that tells them everything they need to know about your business. You need to tell them, tell them again and tell them some more about your business. Google has coined the phrase ”Zero Moment of Truth’ (ZMOT) to show how the internet has changed the way we make our buying decisions. Rather than the old fashioned funnel of a buyer coming in at […]
2nd April 2014

Email Campaigns That Really Work

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful and personal ways of connecting with your customers and prospects and can be integrated with your social media marketing more generally. Making sure your message stands out from everyone else is the most important thing. Here are a few tips to help you: Segment your lists – Split your data into relevant categories/groups. Send relevant information to people who have requested it. You will see a higher ‘open rate’ and ‘click through’ […]
27th March 2014

Build Lasting Relationships

Relationships are the key to creating new sales pipelines for your business, whatever it’s size. Potential customers will only buy your products or use your services  if they trust you and believe that your company can deliver a great product and good value for money. Unless your company is a very well known brand, it is very difficult to generate business the first time you meet someone. It is how you follow up after your initial meeting that can ensure […]
10th March 2014

Saving Short Term. Costing Long Term.

Cutting costs can have a negative impact on your brand and business in the long term, especially if you have just set up, or have only been trading for a short time. These days, there are many tools available to business owners (mainly online) which allow them to create stationery, logos and other marketing collateral – most of which are low cost and some are even free. To read more of this post click here