How not to do networking
16th May 2013
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Engaging your audience online

As with any marketing activity an effective online strategy begins with your audience. Clearly identifying your audience will allow you to start to think about where they spend their time online and which channels might be most appropriate to engage them on.

Today there are so many ways for businesses to connect with their audience. Some require considerable financial investment where others require little or none. Some can be very time consuming to continually feed and nurture. Either way, to ensure you get the best possible return, getting a clear picture of your ideal client would be a great place to start.

One useful exercise might be to develop some scenarios where you create stories plotting the path of fictitious characters, the problems they face and how they go about looking to solve them. As fanciful as it may seem, this can really help to get a clear picture built up in your own mind of the kind of people you aspire to work with and the work that you’re most passionate about doing. Also by plotting the path between you and them may help to define the channels you’ll look to use to find each other. Word of mouth may result in your first impression being made by your website where engaging on social media might lead your potential client to your twitter, Linkedin or Facebook page.

Whichever channels you decide to focus your efforts on, be sure you’re occupying the space where your potential clients are likely to spend their time online – and make sure their experience of engaging with you, your content and your brand is as good as it possibly can be to ensure you stand the best possible chance of making a great first impression.

Over the coming weeks I will be posting some more tips on developing an effective online strategy based on the experiences I have had working with all kinds of SMEs through to international brands. If you’d like to know more about how I help clients to develop their online strategy please go to