26th February 2014

Pay-Per-Click: It’s not One Dimensional

If you own and run a business, you will be familiar with the discussions surrounding SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC advertising (pay-per-click), and the arguments around which is best for your business. Rather than choosing one over the other, if you use both together you will maximise the benefits. To find out more about SEO and PPC click here
18th February 2014

Responsive Web Design. Think how your customers work.

Your customers no longer sit at their desks logging on to the internet through their PCs. They are on the move, and take with them their latest technology to allow them to keep up to date with every little change in their business. Most people now have smartphones, and the sales of tablets have now overtaken PCs. In view of this, your website needs to be workable across all platforms and devices, and at different sizes for different users. To […]
10th February 2014

10 Ways to Destroy Your Brand

No-one wants to destroy their brand, but sometimes people are guilty of the following crimes against their brand: – Illegible or confusing company name – can everyone read and pronounce your brand? How does the name translate into different languages? – Unbranded e-mail signature or lack of contact information – make sure you always include your contact details at the end of every e-mail, whether you send many or only a few each week. To read about the other eight ways […]
7th February 2014

How to Enhance Your Website’s Performance

Here are a few ideas that can lead to better website conversion: – The speed of your website Studies have shown that 57% of visitors get fed up and leave a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Make sure your site is not one of them. -Don’t suffer from information overload Some websites try and cram in as much information as they can, but generally the simpler the better. To read more of this post click here
19th December 2013

8 Sales Tests for Your Website

As the end of the year fast approaches, it is time to think about and reflect upon the business and plan ahead for 2014. Maybe its time to review your website to ensure that it still targets the customers you want, and clearly defines the services or products that you offer. Here are 8 sales tests for your website that you can use: 1. Audience – do you know who they are? Have they changed over the past year? 2. Keywords – […]
18th December 2013

Packages = Profits

Consumer products use packaging very effectively – we’ve all seen the fast food packaging and pricing of small, medium and large meals. Packaging takes the hassle out of the buying decision for the customer. Studies have shown that most people will pick the medium option, a few will always go for the premium product and a small number opt for the cheapest choice. Packaging products gives businesses a way of putting things together to increase the value of the sale. To read […]
13th December 2013

Why Local Businesses Need to Know About Google+

Google is a great search engine. It is simply a white page with a form and a search button….. you enter a search term, press the button and that’s it. But do you have any idea of all the other things that Google does, or does it all seem far too complicated and unclear? Well, now’s your chance to learn. The latest changes to Google+ will help your business locally, and this post can tell you how to do this. To […]
22nd November 2013

Customer Loyalty or a Marriage of Convenience?

Customer loyalty is what most companies strive for. It is often discussed at board meetings, and is mentioned alongside shareholder value, profit and sales. However, there is an issue of congruence here – companies say one thing and then do something completely different. A common example of this is the automatic renewal system that occurs in the insurance industry. To read more of this post click here
5th November 2013

Who is in Charge of Your Flight Path?

I was recently flying into London, and spending a while without technology gave me some much needed thinking time. I thought that having worked with many businesses about defining their goals, it just struck me how many people are hedging their bets on a single client, or the elusive prospect they are sure will one day become the BIG client. To read more of this blog click here
30th October 2013

You are ALWAYS Marketing

Most people think of marketing as a series of campaigns with a specific purpose such as to create more brand awareness or generate sales leads. However, it should not be thought of as just a series of campaigns. Everything you do is marketing for your business, from how you answer the phone, the appearance of your reception desk, how long it takes to provide a quote, what you do if you’re late for a meeting……the list is endless. To read […]
23rd October 2013

How to Create a Good AURA for your Business

This is a simple way to think about how to market your business – the acronym AURA. It stands for: A – to raise your and your businesses profile, people need to be AWARE of you U- The people you are trying to target need to UNDERSTAND what it is that you do or offer. R – Understanding your business isn’t enough – your customers need to see how RELEVANT it is to them. A – stands for ADVOCACY. You […]
9th October 2013

10 Ways to get More Sales Leads that All Business Coaches Recommend

There are ten ways to get more sales leads that are recommended by business coaches. These ten ways include: 1. offering content that delivers value to a buyer – people love buying but hate being sold to, as they are suspicious of anything that seems like a sales pitch, 2. sharing your customers success stories with publications within your industry or market – your prospects will view an independent publication as more credible, 3. follow up any leads within 24 hours […]
27th August 2013

Ten Proven Techniques for getting more Sales Leads

From tools and techniques for managing yourself and your sales process, through to ideas on how to harness the power of your current customer base, this article is packed with practical tried-and-tested techniques for increasing your sales leads … and ultimately, growing your business. It’s an old adage the people love buying, but hate being sold to … read on via this link to find out how you can capitalise on this approach
30th July 2013

Don’t be an Egghead

When you join Twitter you get a profile. One of the first things you can and should do when you join Twitter is to upload an avatar – this could be a photo of you, your corporate logo, one of your products – really anything that represents you. Please do not remain as an ‘egghead’! To read more tips on creating a Twitter account, click here  
9th July 2013

Top 10 LinkedIn Tips for Businesses

LinkedIn has become the must have/do free networking tool. It is amazing that this resource can potentially allow you to connect with almost any business in the wold – in fact there are 11 million UK users alone, and 200 million users worldwide. Any small business should consider using LinkedIn (if they don’t already), and here are 10 tips to make the most of this resource.   To read more of this post, click here
5th July 2013

The Chaos Theory of Referrals

Chaos theory is the science of the unpredictable. It is the study of dynamic systems that are extremely sensitive to initial conditions – this effect is commonly known as the butterfly effect. The theory is that miniscule changes in initial conditions can have dramatically different effects on the outcome – hence the idea that a butterfly flapping its wings in a Brazilian jungle can trigger a tornado in Texas. I have my own theory that this can also be applied to […]
10th June 2013

Who really buys your products or services?

When you’re marketing a product or service, it is worth rembering who you’re actually marketing to. Regardless of the end product, do you know who is buying your product or service, and how does this vary according to the location and time of the year? To read more about this post, click here
6th June 2013

Making every customer experience count

What happens when companies get it wrong with their customers? Well, they create people who go out and tell all of their friends, family and anyone else who willl listen just how awful your brand is. Strangely, people are three times more likely to complain than they are to celebrate. With the ever growing world of social media, it is very easy to see an online moan on Twitter escalate into a full on hate campaign against your brand. To […]