25th June 2013

Working from home – What expenses can I claim?

If you are a small business owner and work from home, do you have any idea of what you can claim? If you only spend a small amount of time working at home (e.g a few hours a night writing invoices), then you can claim a flat rate allowance. If you spend a significant number of hours working from home, then you may be able to claim more money using the apportionment method. To find out more, click here
20th June 2013

Increase productivity and profits by 10% – and for free!

These days more and more employers are realising how important happiness is within the workplace. Is there a relationship between productivity and happiness? Well, the two may be mutually inclusive. It is true that productivity and therefore profit, increases when an employee has autonomy and control over the work they do.  So what does this actually mean?  To read more of this post, click here
18th June 2013

The art of a legendary company name

You should never underestimate the marketing power of a well crafted and thought about company name. You know your company has reached legendary status when it is adopted as a category in its own right, or even as a verb –  we do the hoovering, we google things, and there are more of these examples out there. To read more of this post, click here
10th June 2013

Who really buys your products or services?

When you’re marketing a product or service, it is worth rembering who you’re actually marketing to. Regardless of the end product, do you know who is buying your product or service, and how does this vary according to the location and time of the year? To read more about this post, click here
6th June 2013

Making every customer experience count

What happens when companies get it wrong with their customers? Well, they create people who go out and tell all of their friends, family and anyone else who willl listen just how awful your brand is. Strangely, people are three times more likely to complain than they are to celebrate. With the ever growing world of social media, it is very easy to see an online moan on Twitter escalate into a full on hate campaign against your brand. To […]
6th June 2013

Top tips for Telecoms

Top Tips for Telecoms: Don’t cut corners, telecoms is the lifeblood of your business. It is vitally important that you source the correct products and services from a reputable company. Review your phone bills at least once every two years, over 90% of businesses can easily reduce the rates they are currently paying. Review and possibly change your business telephone system every 5-8 years. Technology is constantly evolving and can help to improve communications between colleagues and customers. When purchasing […]
22nd May 2013

How to use Twitter for charities and causes

Twitter can, in the right hands, be used as a force for good and is used by charities to raise their profile and create a buzz around their marketing campaigns. Businesses can learn much from their approach … So how do you start with a blank online page and develop a campaign that builds followers around the world? Read more of this blog article, by clicking here
22nd May 2013

How do I use Pinterest as a marketing tool?

Pinterest can be described as an online mood board where you can ‘pin’ interesting graphics, photos and videos. This is extremely useful in any marketing campaign, beacuse if you are pinning interesting material, it is the graphical equivalent of Twitter, and we all know how popular Twitter has become. To read more about how to make Pinterest work for you, click here
22nd May 2013

10 ways to get more business help from business networking events

Networking events can be a great chance to make new contacts, promote your business and improve your client base. However, in order to get the most possible business from these events, you need to plan carefully. This article gives you 10 key ways in which you can profit from any networking event and get some powerful business help. To read more, click here
22nd May 2013

Social marketing strategies that bring customers running

The top ten tips on how to use social media to encourage more customers to use your business.  Including making the best use of Twitter and LikedIn to making new friends who would have an interest in what you have to say. If you want to read more of this blog post, click here
22nd May 2013

What makes a great leader?

You’ve built a great sustainable business, and you’re so busy that you now have to delegate some of the tasks you have usuaully managed to do yourself. It is easy to get consumed in the process of winning new business and getting through your run-of-the-mill tasks. But don’t underestimate the importance of taking the time to motivate, inspire and challenge your staff. To read more about becoming a great leader and motivating your staff click here
22nd May 2013

Inspiring your staff

Inspiring people is not easy. It takes time, effort and persistence, but we all have the ability to inspire our staff members in small but sigificant ways. When people are inspried, they become more motivated, enthusisatic and engaged, which undoubtedly improves their performance. For hints and tips on how to inspire your employees, click here
22nd May 2013

Save time and unsubscribe

There are 168 hours in a week, that is all and it is impossible to create more time. All we can do is make sure that we are giving our attention to the right things. I have realised that I am spening more thime that I should be dealing with unwanted newsletters and marketing e-mails that I no longer read. Each time I go into my inbox, I autuomatically delete these e-mails, and whilst this is not taking up a huge amount […]
22nd May 2013

Managing your teams through change

At some point most businesses go through a period of change – be it a minor change of a new staff member or a large change involving restructuring of staff and a change of premises. This can be an uncertain time for all concerned, and different people will react in different ways to change. To read more about managing your team through change, click here
22nd May 2013

7 steps to becoming unpopular on LinkedIn

It is said that manners cost little and are remembered; bad manners linger longer. Reputation management is about your behavious and actions, whereas brand management is about what you put out in the form of your e-mails, website, social media posts and buisness card. Are you giving out mixed messages? Read more about the seven ways to become unpopular on LinkedIn by clicking here
22nd May 2013

Why you need a ‘why project’

The word ‘why’ is often one of the least used words in business. We all hear the ‘how do you want me to do that?’, ‘what do you want me to do?’, ‘who is doing that?’ and ‘when can we fit it all in?’, but very few ‘why….’ questions. However, asking ‘why?’ could release the energies of your workforce, and motivate it to do great things. To read more of this blog, click here
22nd May 2013

Multitasking your business is inefficient!

Multitasking is inefficient! Multitasking yourself – taking on several tasks at the same time means we are constanatly shifting our attention from one job to the next. It causes boredom and impatience, and can actually waste time as each time we switch tasks, our brain needs to get back up to speed with the job in hand. This is just the same within your business. To read more about Multitasking, and how to make it work for you, click here
22nd May 2013

What does your ‘profile photo’ say about you?

Everyone in buisness uses social media, either Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook or all three, and they all allow us to upload a photo of ourselves. Most people’s first impressions of you come from this photo, so what is yours saying about you? If you want to read more about what does your ‘profile photo’ say about you, click here
22nd May 2013

How to win more repeat business

How do you encourage a customer to return to you for more business, buy more from you or buy a wider range of your products and services? To win more business from your current customer base, you need to leverage your quality. To read more about how to win more repeat business click here
20th May 2013

Dinner with Be World Class – On World Class Leadership

The Story of the Be World Class Dinner with Simon Hartley and Floyd Woodrow MBE
20th May 2013

Identifying the key challenge

20th May 2013

Introduction & Overview- What is BiZtalk?

The BiZalk Story
17th May 2013

The Power of Marketing ONE Thing Only

When you look at your website or brochure, does it look clutttered with information, and full of things to promote? In order to increase profits, businesses often diversify their services, and add more and more strings to their bow. When someone shows an interest in one area of our business, people use it as an opportunity to tell them about the vast number of other things that they do. However, this can lead to generalisation and underselling – the  classic jack-of-all-trades master […]
16th May 2013

How not to do networking

have you ever wondered how to improve your networking skills, and the do’s and don’ts surrounding it? Here is a comprehensive list of those people that you do not want to be when networking, and who you are bound to meet when you’re out and about. Use these tips to improve your networking, and the business should come flooding in. If you want to know more about how not to do networking, click here    
9th May 2013

Engaging your audience online

As with any marketing activity an effective online strategy begins with your audience. Clearly identifying your audience will allow you to start to think about where they spend their time online and which channels might be most appropriate to engage them on.