31st October 2013

5 Top Tips to Build a High Performing Team

Here are my top five tips for building a high performing team, and getting the most from your team members: Playing to individual’s strengths – Time is far too short to waste in business, therefore, you should exploit what each team member is good at. It is ideal to try and build a team with a wide range of strengths to maximise the team performance. Transparency – Have regular team meetings, have intense short daily meetings, display KPI’s for the […]
30th October 2013

You are ALWAYS Marketing

Most people think of marketing as a series of campaigns with a specific purpose such as to create more brand awareness or generate sales leads. However, it should not be thought of as just a series of campaigns. Everything you do is marketing for your business, from how you answer the phone, the appearance of your reception desk, how long it takes to provide a quote, what you do if you’re late for a meeting……the list is endless. To read […]
28th October 2013

I’ve got loads out of BiY

25th October 2013

Yes You Can Increase your Prices

Here is a tried and tested tip that will improve your profitability: Increase your prices Sounds simple doesn’t it? However, this does not mean increasing all of your prices irrespective of market conditions. Many people are frightened of increasing prices, as they think they will lose their customers, as they believe their customers only make a purchase based solely on the price. However, if you stop and think about it: do you only buy the cheapest product, or look for […]
24th October 2013

Maternity and Paternity: Business Owner Rights

If you are a small business, your work team is like your second family. So, you are obviously delighted when one of your team announces that they are expecting a new arrival. However, being in such a small team, this will have a huge impact on your business. Here is a guide to ensure that this life-changing experience for one of your team is a seamless, lawful transition for you. An employee needs to inform you of their pregnancy at […]
23rd October 2013

How to Create a Good AURA for your Business

This is a simple way to think about how to market your business – the acronym AURA. It stands for: A – to raise your and your businesses profile, people need to be AWARE of you U- The people you are trying to target need to UNDERSTAND what it is that you do or offer. R – Understanding your business isn’t enough – your customers need to see how RELEVANT it is to them. A – stands for ADVOCACY. You […]
22nd October 2013

New and exciting ideas at peer groups

21st October 2013

Retailers urged to consider options before closing down amid financial struggles

Retailers who are facing financial struggles are being urged to seek help, take advice and consider all of their options before shutting up shop. Figures have shown that 134,000 businesses nationally regularly struggle to pay their bills on time. This is an increase of 24,000 businesses from the same time in 2012. To read more of this post click here
18th October 2013

BiY Graduate Business Academy

Are you looking to employ a graduate in your business? The BiY Graduate Business Academy might just be for you. Business in Yorkshire (BiY) and Organic Business Growth, two organisations which work to help businesses develop and grow through utilising graduates, are delivering a programme to get graduates employment ready and prepared for what to expect in a small business. The programme will result in the opportunity to meet business owners who are looking to recruit graduates into their business. […]
17th October 2013

Seven Tips for Communicating in an Online Crisis

PR should be an important part of your business during the good times as well as the bad ones. Don’t just bring in a PR expert when you have a crisis  – instead ensure that good communication runs through your business so you can handle any incident that may impact upon your reputation. The vast array of social media platforms available to us all today has had a huge impact on the way members of the public can express their anger and concern […]
16th October 2013

More Than a Feeling

It is obvious that there is a link between motivated, engaged staff and bottom line performance. It is becoming increasingly popular to enhance the general mood and feeling in the workplace in order to improve productivity. Have you ever gone to work with the ‘wrong head’ on, and had a totally un-productive day? If all your colleagues felt the same way, then you would be fighting an uphill battle with the mood in the office, and productivity would be affected. To […]
11th October 2013

Ignore Social Media at Your Peril?

There is a hotel not far from me that I have used several times and the lounge/bar service has been ok – not bad but not great, just ok. After a recent meeting there, I decided to see what the reviews for this hotel were like on Trip Advisor. Of the 306 reviews, 58% were positive, and 42% were negative. That’s 1 out of every 2 guests that leave unhappy and unlikely to return to the hotel. To read more of this […]
11th October 2013

Social Media Guidelines

Job seekers in today’s world have many facilities available to them, and one of the fastest growing areas is social media. Social media, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, to name just a few, allows any member of the general public to follow, look at, poke and tweet their favourite companies online. If they know where to start, a job seeker can use these platforms to look for a new job. To read more of this post click here  
10th October 2013

National Minimum Wage Rise Takes Effect

From 1st October 2013, the main rate of the national minimum wage  (NMW) has risen to £6.31 for adults, which is an increase of 12p per hour. The NMW has also risen for 18-20 year olds to £5.03 and for 16-17 year olds which has brought their hourly rate to £3.72. To read more of this blog, click here  
9th October 2013

10 Ways to get More Sales Leads that All Business Coaches Recommend

There are ten ways to get more sales leads that are recommended by business coaches. These ten ways include: 1. offering content that delivers value to a buyer – people love buying but hate being sold to, as they are suspicious of anything that seems like a sales pitch, 2. sharing your customers success stories with publications within your industry or market – your prospects will view an independent publication as more credible, 3. follow up any leads within 24 hours […]
8th October 2013

Brilliant Law’s Finest Hour So Far

Brilliant Law’s finest hour so far, has been mingling with representatives from some of the world’s largest law firms at the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers awards in London recently. We were highly commended in the Legal Industry Pioneer category of the FT awards, and have only been trading for nine months. To read more about this blog, click here  
7th October 2013

Opportunities for Graduates in SMEs: Why its Failing

Many people believe that graduates don’t want to work in a small business-  that is a myth. Many graduates are not suited to work in the corporate world, or don’t have the grades. When questioned, many smaller businesses found it difficult to recruit graduates from universities, and many had never been contacted by a university to ask whether they would be willing to take on a graduate. To read more of this post, click here
4th October 2013

How to Lift Your Mood – Quickly!

Here are three easy ways to help you lift your mood when things go wrong. It is so easy to get dragged down when things don’t go according to plan – maybe a client has cancelled an order you thought was guaranteed or maybe a sales call resulted in a ‘no’ rather than a ‘yes’. We inevitably end up stewing on these things, resulting in a totally spoilt and negative day. To read more about the three simple steps to get […]
3rd October 2013

How Does Your Leadership Measure Up?

In the current high pressure, fast-paced environment, it is very easy for busy leaders to neglect self-development and purely concentrate on self-preservation. Many leaders are still totally unaware of the impact that their leadership has on those around them. There are 10 common failings for business leaders, which are documented in this blog. To read about the top 10 failings for business leaders click here
1st October 2013

BiY – I’d highly recommend it

30th September 2013

Tips to Improve Collaboration at Work and Home

Having read the blog from Teresa Amabile (author of The Progress Principle), I wondered if there were any lessons to take back to the workplace from our personal relationships at home. It appears there are four main points that can be applied to the workplace, that have the basis in personal relationships – collaboration needs to start with a strong foundation; maximise co-operation and minimise competition; exploit similarities and differences; respect the contribution from the other person. To read more of […]
27th September 2013

5 Ways to Identify and Manage Defensive Employees

In these tough times, it is often necessary to batten down the hatches. Word will spread amongst your employees about the overhead savings, and they may dig in their heels to strengthen their position within the company. However, you want to see the opposite and see more flexibility on your staff, not less. Here are the top 5 ways in which defensive employees put themselves before the company, and often to the detriment of the company. To read more about […]
25th September 2013

The Joys (or Not!) of Public Speaking

Public speaking is daunting for even the most confident of people. Whether you are giving a presentation or speaking in a meeting, it is important to pay attention to the power of your voice. Here are ten top tips on public speaking including being yourself, relaxing and above all how to enjoy the whole experience. To read more about the top ten tips for public speaking click here  
24th September 2013

Interesting Facts about Telecoms

“Ahoy” was the original telephone greeting suggested by Alexander Graham Bell. This was later superseded by Thomas Eddison who suggested “Hello”. The origin of the phrase ‘to put someone on hold’ came from Alexander Graham Bell handing over his telephone instrument to his partner Mr Watson and saying, “here, hold this”. Britain’s first mobile phone call was made in January 1985 by veteran comedian Ernie Wise There are 6bn active mobile phones in the world, this figure is expected to […]
23rd September 2013

Auto Enrolment: An Employer’s Guide to Pension Regulations

Although the government rolled out auto-enrolment with a huge advertising campaign, there is still a lack of understanding about what this is all about. It has also been said that the legislation seems heavily weighted against SMEs that may not have the luxury of financial scale or resource. Here is a starter guide which outlines employer’s key legal obligations, and how to introduce the compulsory pension scheme. To read more about this, click here
20th September 2013

BiY – “absolutely invaluable” for my business

20th September 2013

Guide to Making a Video

The best way to create a great video is to work with the right production company. As with any working relationship especially a creative one, you need to make sure that you and the video company are working towards the same objectives. Before you even begin to make your film, you will need to think about; Your goals for the video and where you intend to display it Your primary target audience Your budget & timeframe Your promotional plans How […]
18th September 2013

Manners Maketh the Social Media Professional

Everyone in business has to do an element of networking. A great way to network is by using LinkedIn, and making new connections through it has become a wonderful way to generate new business and meet more prospective clients. However, social media is not about the number of connections you have, but about the quality of your connections with those people. When you go to a networking event, you wouldn’t walk up to someone, thrust your business card in their hand, […]
16th September 2013

3 Top Tips to Become More Efficient by Working Less Hours

Research has been carried out to show that working long hours is inefficient. If you are being inefficient at work, then you are reducing your competitiveness and not giving as much value to your customers as you could. Is the reason that you are working long hours due to poor time management or a lack of self control?   To find out about the 3 tips to become more efficient, click here
16th September 2013

Directors – Increase your pay with no additional Tax or National Insurance

Good news! From April 2013, any directors can pay themselves an increased salary of £641 a month, without having to pay tax or national insurance. It will then be possible for any director to take a dividend of up to £30,382 (net cash) without paying any additional national insurance or income tax. To read more of this blog, click here