12th March 2014

Cialdini’s Six Principles of Influence

Influencing others is not easy, and therefore it is worth understanding the psychological principles behind the influencing process. Why do you need to influence others? Well, maybe you’ve come up with an idea for a great new product, and you need to get the rest of the team on-side to believe in it. The Six Principles of Influence (also know as the Six Weapons of Influence) were created by Robert Cialdini, and were identified through his experimental studies and time […]
10th March 2014

Saving Short Term. Costing Long Term.

Cutting costs can have a negative impact on your brand and business in the long term, especially if you have just set up, or have only been trading for a short time. These days, there are many tools available to business owners (mainly online) which allow them to create stationery, logos and other marketing collateral – most of which are low cost and some are even free. To read more of this post click here  
7th March 2014

Wrongful and Insolvent Trading: A Brief Guide

At the first sign of financial difficulty, the director of a business should seek financial advice. If you cannot pay the bills, the rent or any of your creditor accounts, this may be a sign that the business is failing and this should be taken seriously. If a business continues to operate with considering the financial situation, the director can be accused of wrongful or fraudulent trading. This means that they may be held personally liable for the company’s debts. To […]
5th March 2014

Money Talks, But What’s it Really Saying?

I have found that if I have a poor relationship with money, then the other relationships in my life suffer – family, friends and clients. This is why I think it so important to understand exactly what money says. Just like my family and friends, money likes attention and focus, and I find that when I give it some attention, the rewards are huge. We live in a society that encourages debt, and seems to have lost the art of […]
3rd March 2014

Decision Time!….Based on what Information?

Decision making is part of our everyday life. What shall I wear? What shall I have for lunch? Shall I take the car or drive? The decisions we make differ in complexity and therefore, take different amounts of time to answer. However, it appears that the psychology behind the decision making is the same regardless of the complexity of the decision. Depending on the size of your company, and the way your data has been stored,  questions can be very time […]
28th February 2014

Economists React as Inflation Beats 2% Target

For the first time in more than four years, inflation has fallen below the Bank of England’s 2% target. The latest statistics show that the annual rate of inflation dropped to 1.9%, which is great news for consumers in the UK. This fall in inflation further supports the government pledge that interest rates will not rise for at least a year. To read more of this post click here
26th February 2014

Pay-Per-Click: It’s not One Dimensional

If you own and run a business, you will be familiar with the discussions surrounding SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC advertising (pay-per-click), and the arguments around which is best for your business. Rather than choosing one over the other, if you use both together you will maximise the benefits. To find out more about SEO and PPC click here
24th February 2014

Are you S.A.D

Do you suffer from S.A.D Syndrome (Seasonal Affective Disorder)? The majority of us feel better, appear to have more energy and feel healthier in the summer when the sun is out. When the sky is grey and the weather is cold and wet, those sad emotions come to the surface. We find ourselves eating more, suffering from a lack of energy and generally feel less sociable. But why? To find out why and to read more of this post click […]
21st February 2014

Make Decisions Small and Regular

One of the advantages smaller businesses have over larger ones is their ability to make regular quick decisions. Larger organisations tend to have a long drawn out decision making process, and what can take them weeks to action can be done almost immediately by a small company. To read more of this post click here
19th February 2014

Why Being Number 1 in Google Means Jack

Ranking reports (where you are placed in Google) need to be read in conjunction with other reports, as they are not a good indicator of the success of an online campaign when viewed alone. But why all the fuss about being ranked number 1 in Google for your key search terms? Being number 1 in Google is valuable to most people because it can drive potentially valuable business to your site. However, it can also attract a huge number of […]
18th February 2014

Responsive Web Design. Think how your customers work.

Your customers no longer sit at their desks logging on to the internet through their PCs. They are on the move, and take with them their latest technology to allow them to keep up to date with every little change in their business. Most people now have smartphones, and the sales of tablets have now overtaken PCs. In view of this, your website needs to be workable across all platforms and devices, and at different sizes for different users. To […]
14th February 2014

UKCSI Results – Consumer Satisfaction is on the Decline

The most recent version of the UK Customer Satisfaction Index was released in January of this year. It was commissioned by the Institute of Customer services. Some points of interest include: -Customer satisfaction has fallen for the second consecutive 12 month period. -The only sector where customer satisfaction has improved is banking. – A one point increase in customer satisfaction (out of ten), provides a 10% increase in customer loyalty and recommendation. To read more of this post click here
13th February 2014

You’re Hired!

Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes that lead to recognised qualifications. They are based around the needs of employers and there is funding available to train not only new but existing employees. Many school leavers are now looking at apprenticeships as options after school, as university is becoming more expensive. The training for an employee is almost exclusively ‘on the job’ training at the business premises. To read more of this post click here
12th February 2014

2014 Budget ‘will help small businesses,’ pledges Chancellor

George Osborne has stated that the forthcoming Budget on March 19th will address the issues faced by small businesses. One of these measures is the introduction of the new Employment Allowance, which will give every UK business and charity up to £2,000 off their employer NI bill. This comes into effect from April 2014. To read more of this post click here  
10th February 2014

10 Ways to Destroy Your Brand

No-one wants to destroy their brand, but sometimes people are guilty of the following crimes against their brand: – Illegible or confusing company name – can everyone read and pronounce your brand? How does the name translate into different languages? – Unbranded e-mail signature or lack of contact information – make sure you always include your contact details at the end of every e-mail, whether you send many or only a few each week. To read about the other eight ways […]
7th February 2014

How to Enhance Your Website’s Performance

Here are a few ideas that can lead to better website conversion: – The speed of your website Studies have shown that 57% of visitors get fed up and leave a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Make sure your site is not one of them. -Don’t suffer from information overload Some websites try and cram in as much information as they can, but generally the simpler the better. To read more of this post click here
6th February 2014

Its All About You

All business owners know that they are the ‘face’ of their company. The original idea, the hard work to get it all started, the risk you take for the business are all down to you. In view of this, why do so many business owners hide their real face away on their websites, in print or on social media, when they could use a great photo of themselves that says a lot about who they really are? To read more […]
5th February 2014

The True Priority

Many business owners choose to work in the business then work on the business and finally work on themselves. This, in my opinion, is the wrong way round, and should in fact be in reverse order. Ideally you should take time out each day to work on improving yourself. To read more of this post click here  
3rd February 2014

January Blues Wiped out in a Flash

It is the last Monday of January already. Apparently today is suppose to be the most depressing day, the day you are most likely to file for divorce, and so the list for ‘Blue Mondays’ continues. However, the job market is looking increasingly more positive, with falling unemployment rates and an increase in the growth forecast. Why is it then that we are so keen to look on the negative side of things? To read more of this post click […]
3rd February 2014

Peer group highlighted 6 or 7 things to work on for my business

3rd February 2014

Business Directors Banned over False Invoicing

Four directors of a company based in Colne have been banned from acting as directors for 6 years after it was discovered that their firm raised false invoices. It is believed that over invoices were created totalling more than £218,663 which were false. To read more of this post click here
30th January 2014

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights

Here is our guide to protecting your intellectual property rights, and keeping that great idea safe. Intellectual property (IP) is used to describe a range of legal rights, to ensure that businesses protect what they create and avoid infringing the IP rights of others. Registered rights are rights, that once registered, prevent anyone else from using that right without their permission. An example of this would be a trademark. To read more of this blog click here
29th January 2014

5 Reasons to Hire a Pro Photographer

1. Make your team famous! – there may be competitive rivalry between different teams, or between different business areas, so why not make your team famous and ‘get one up’ on your colleagues! 2. Impartial photos – an official photographer has no idea who the management are, so is more likely to take photos of all members of the team, rather than taking many shots of the management team. To read more of this post click here
27th January 2014

Awash with ideas I need to get on with

27th January 2014

Do You Have Entrepreneurial ADD?

One of the biggest obstacles for people in business can be staying focused. How do you decide what to focus on first? How do you say ‘no’ to people who you are not your ideal clients? How do you minimise distractions? When we cannot decide what to focus on, we tend to procrastinate. Some people work very hard on their business, but they work hard on the wrong things. To read more of this post click here
23rd January 2014

3 Quick Bookkeeping Tips

Here are three bookkeeping tips which are based on experiences of working with many small businesses. 1. Do it frequently – Do you allow your paperwork to build up into a huge mountain of paper that you then can’t face tackling? Then, when you can put it off no more, you have to spend a day making sense of it all. If you set aside some time in your diary every week, this will help prevent the panic and stress people […]
22nd January 2014

9 Ways of Being More Attractive to Graduates than Corporates

It appears that smaller dynamic business are becoming more attractive than large corporate companies to graduates when they are starting their careers. Although the large corporate companies market themselves heavily at the career fairs, only 10% of graduates actually get jobs with these companies, and many graduates would actually be happy to work in smaller businesses. Here are 9 ways in which smaller business are more attractive to graduates looking for employment: -Access to decision makers – in a small […]
20th January 2014

Getting Your Business Cash Flowing Smoothly – Top Ten Tips

December and January are traditionally the time for businesses when cash flow is at its weakest. Read these top 10 tips to help your business cash flow improve for the future: – Get every invoice out promptly-  the sooner you invoice, the sooner you’ll get paid! – Give them a reason to pay early, such as a discount. Make this obvious on the invoice, but make sure you can afford to do it! To read the 8 other tips, click […]
17th January 2014

Six Top Social Media Tips

Did you know that there are over 400 million tweets, over 1 billion LinkedIn endorsements and more than 5 million photos uploaded to Instagram every day? The use of social media is growing and is the best way to engage with current clients and prospects for your business. To read the top 6 tips to get the most from social media, click here
14th January 2014

The Importance of a Content Marketing Strategy

We’ve all heard that it only takes a few seconds to make an impression. Well, did you know that if you do not make a great impression on the visitors to your website within three seconds, you will lose over half of them! Those visitors you have worked so hard to get are now gone, lost to your competitors. This is why you need a good marketing strategy for your website. To read more about why you need a marketing […]