8th July 2014

Dispelling the Myths About What PR is and What it’s Not.

Some business owners have not considered using PR for their business, as they wonder whether it can help them gain new customers or win awards. They also wonder whether PR is only for the huge corporations who have large amounts of money to splash around and who need to shout loudly in the fiercely competitive marketplace they are in. So, if you are not the biggest or even the most successful business in your sector, does that mean you shouldn’t […]
30th June 2014

Organising Your Space For Success – Are You in The Right Space At The Right Time?

To enable you to grow your business and reach the next level of success, you need to create an environment around you that allows you to do this. One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is trying to do all of their activities from the same place e.g. your home office. Sitting at your desk trying to work on your financial spreadsheet whilst getting interrupted by phone calls, and then trying to return to your spreadsheet is a recipe […]
27th June 2014

Is Your Website Costing You Sales?

For a lot of companies, driving traffic to their website of their main goal, and they devote a lot of time and sometimes money into things like AdWords and search engine optimisation. However, not everyone thinks about the return on their investment. So, you may be able to lead a lot of traffic to your website, but it may not be relevant traffic or may not result in any sales. Can your website deal with the amount of traffic you […]
25th June 2014

Do You Really Know Who Your Customer Is?

Everyone is different- they all have different tastes, different ideas of what they want and like and different ways of working. Many websites out there do not recognise this, and therefore they appear to be a simple catalogue of products which makes it very difficult for the customer to decide why they should buy from that particular company. The internet is a double edged sword. When you have a website you are accessible to people the world over meaning that […]
23rd June 2014

Separating the Sick from the Slack

It is a common misconception that if a member of staff has a lot of time off sick there is nothing that the employer can do about it. There is in fact a lot that the employer can do, and if some of the guidance in this blog is followed, then it will hopefully not be such a big problem. There are generally three types of employee absence – 1. persistent short term absence (someone having lots of separate days […]
20th June 2014

Three Reasons Why You Need Video on Your Website

These days, a website that doesn’t have video content is just like a site without pictures was 10 years ago. High quality video is no longer the preserve of only the rich and famous and is easily affordable to almost every business. Here are three reasons to get ahead of your competitors by utilising the power of video on your site. 1. Make eye contact. People like to do business with people. You can use video to make direct eye […]
18th June 2014

Is All Publicity Good Publicity? Learning from Passports and Taxis

So, is all publicity good publicity? One brand that is new to the UK is reaping the benefits of a mass protest and the media coverage given to the event.  This new brand is ‘Uber’,  and is a new way to get a taxi in London. The reason that this US brand has made the news is not because it has a carefully orchestrated marketing campaign, but because of the media campaign created by its competitors – black cab drivers. […]
16th June 2014

Use a Graduate to Get Out of Your Rut

Is your workload increasing? Are there just not enough hours in the day? Is this the same day after day after day? Maybe you need to get out of your rut, take a step back and decide whether you’re spending too much time working in the business rather than on the business. If you decide you need to take action, you need to work out how to do this…. Maybe a graduate can help you? You could use them to […]
13th June 2014

A Formula to Limit the Damage of Social Media Criticism

The current world of social media and the numerous digital platforms provides people with the opportunity to comment on or complain about almost everything – companies, a service, even employees. Some of the complaints or criticism can be genuine and provide invaluable insights to help a company improve their service or hone their offering. However, not all businesses deal with and answer their negative comments, which is in itself damaging. To read more of this post click here
9th June 2014

Why it’s Dangerous to Rely on One Source of Web Traffic

Some companies rely solely on one source of leads for their business. Google is the main player in the world of generating website traffic, however it is not the only player. By combining our search marketing work (typically Google Adwords) with other channels (for example social media), we minimise the risk of losing web traffic should Google decide to update its algorithm (meaning that we may lose ranking) or if your competitors decide to up their game. To read more […]
6th June 2014

Top Six Tips to Recruiting Effectively

It can be very time consuming and costly to recruit someone into your business. Get it wrong and it could cost your business £40,000 in lost revenue. Here are six top tips to help you recruit more effectively: Evaluate your skills gap – What are the skills you are missing in order for your business to function effectively? Could they already be within your business somewhere? If not, will you need to look externally to bring those skills in? To read […]
4th June 2014

Organize Yourself for Success

Most people do not see the direct connection between been organized and success. Imagine the wasted time and embarrassment you face when you cannot find the letter/contract/proposal from the dream client who rings up unexpectedly, and you have to make waffling conversation whilst frantically searching your desk for it, only to find it hidden under last week’s post (which you still haven’t opened). Organizing your office and your work-life will help you fulfill your individual potential and also that of […]
28th May 2014

Making the Most of Twitter for Business – Our Top Three Tips

Recent research has shown that 69% of SME’s in the UK think Twitter is a useful tool to allow them to connect with their customers and help them to grow their business. Most SME’s use Twitter as a marketing tool and 68% of the respondents in the latest survey said that they expect the time they spend using Twitter to increase in the next 12 months. Twitter has 230 million active users and over 500 million tweets are sent every […]
21st May 2014

Does email marketing work?

We all get them, and most of us send them as well. They ping into our inbox every day. But does email marketing actually work? You need to decide what you want the end result to be and work backwards from that. Many people feel that email marketing is a waste of time, as they have tried it before and it has failed. The reasons for the failure could include a poorly defined purpose for the campaign, there were unrealistic […]
19th May 2014

How to Conduct Competency Interviews

Most HR teams worldwide use the competence based interview during their selection process. It has become very popular as it is an effective way of interviewing fairly. If you get it right, it can give you the chance to sell yourself as long as you follow some simple rules. So, why do employers use the competency based interview? Well, it allows them to determine the exact criteria to measure all the candidates against. By scoring the criteria via a strict […]
15th May 2014

5 Ways to Sort Out Your Spreadsheets

Every company I have worked with uses Excel spreadsheets too much. Business systems get up dated every now and then, and people use Excel to fill that gap. However, this short term fix can easily become the long term answer. Most businesses complete their management accounts in Excel, and even large corporations like Orange use large spreadsheets to do their budgets. But, are these spreadsheets very effective? To read more of this post click here
9th May 2014

So, What do YOU do?

Every person in an organisation needs someone else’s help at some point, whether that is part of the day to day running of the business or due to an emergency. Whether they are the MD or the kitchen staff, every person in an organisation has to consider themselves part of a team, otherwise the business will not operate smoothly. On a course to help people build their assertiveness skills, one delegate claimed that she did not totally understand what the […]
24th April 2014

Do Not Feed the Bears……They Bite Anyway

The internet is a great tool for businesses. It allows you to extend your reach to customers that otherwise would have been unavailable, and opening up channels to additional revenues. As it is relatively cheap to access the internet, it allows businesses of any size and age to use this channel to find new business. However, these same two factors (easy accessibility and low-cost) mean that this is a double edged sword – it makes the market much more competitive […]
17th April 2014

You Have Seven Seconds…..Make Them Count

Studies have shown that we make our first impression almost immediately, and that first impression can linger with us for a long time. So, even before you have had chance to open your mouth and introduce yourself, someone else will have formed an opinion of you based on the way you look and the way you act. Are we saying that what we say has no bearing on this at all?! Studies show that approximately 93% of how people judge […]
15th April 2014

Directors Pay – The New Way to Pay Yourself in 2014/15

From April 2014, there is a new way to pay Limited Company Directors, but it’s not as easy as it used to be. Due to the introduction of the £2000 employment allowance, there are now several ways of getting paid. In the past it has always been recommended that directors receive a salary at just below the threshold for paying employers and employees NI. As qualifying companies can now reclaim up to £2,000 of employers NI (not applicable to employees […]
11th April 2014

What is Strategy and Does it Matter?

Strategic marketing has an important part to play in business planning – a business develops its products and service in response to the identification of  specific need by a particular group of customers. Many businesses manage to exist without ever identifying their target market, or without any understanding of how they can satisfy their customer needs. To read more of this post, click here
8th April 2014

The Power of Horse Assisted Coaching

8th April 2014

Just Say “No” – The Power of Taking Control

Why does it happen that sometimes as soon as you get rid of one job, another one (or often two) takes its place, and everyone seems to want a piece of you. You keep thinking….this cannot go on, but it does. How about trying to say ‘no’? Most people have a hard time saying no, as they don’t want to cause offence, or feel obliged to say ‘yes’. We take a little look at why people can’t say no, and […]
4th April 2014

Why Google’s Zero Moment of Truth is Important to Your Business

Your target customers are unlikely to see just one tweet, blog post or article in a publication that tells them everything they need to know about your business. You need to tell them, tell them again and tell them some more about your business. Google has coined the phrase ”Zero Moment of Truth’ (ZMOT) to show how the internet has changed the way we make our buying decisions. Rather than the old fashioned funnel of a buyer coming in at […]
2nd April 2014

Email Campaigns That Really Work

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful and personal ways of connecting with your customers and prospects and can be integrated with your social media marketing more generally. Making sure your message stands out from everyone else is the most important thing. Here are a few tips to help you: Segment your lists – Split your data into relevant categories/groups. Send relevant information to people who have requested it. You will see a higher ‘open rate’ and ‘click through’ […]
27th March 2014

Build Lasting Relationships

Relationships are the key to creating new sales pipelines for your business, whatever it’s size. Potential customers will only buy your products or use your services  if they trust you and believe that your company can deliver a great product and good value for money. Unless your company is a very well known brand, it is very difficult to generate business the first time you meet someone. It is how you follow up after your initial meeting that can ensure […]
24th March 2014

2014 Budget – What it Means for You

The latest budget has just been announced by Chancellor George Osborne. It appears that austerity measures will continue until 2018/2019, when the budget deficit is expected to have been reduced to zero, as it is believed that faster growth alone will not balance the books. Here are the highlights of the budget from a small business perspective: – The higher tax rate has been increased very slightly from £41,450 to £41,860. – ISA limits have been increased to £15,000 – […]
21st March 2014

Traditional SEO is Dead – Thanks to Adaptive SEO

Most businesses have a website, and many business owners have developed a negative opinion of SEO. This may be because they have had a bad experience with an ‘SEO company’ or just cannot see the return on their investment in this area. An new era of SEO is slowly coming in – called Adaptive SEO, and all businesses regardless of their opinion about SEO, should embrace this progression. SEO is now about integrating the various forms of digital marketing to […]
19th March 2014

3 Google Analytics Reports Every Marketing Professional Should Use

Several years ago the ‘Keyword report’ in Google Analytics would have been deemed as rather important in working out what search terms were driving traffic to our websites. It would also show us which ages were not showing up for these search terms.  However, this report is not really available any more, as most of this data is now hidden by Google. However, we still have many reports at our disposal to check, and one that is particularly useful is […]
17th March 2014

6 Powerful Money Habits You Can Implement Right Now

Time and time again people avoid dealing with the money in their business, although if you can get it sorted it can make a massive difference to your business. Whilst dealing with money issues can be difficult and challenging, it is something that has to be done. ere are six tips that you can put in place now to make a huge difference to your business: Regularly track your income: don’t just track your expenses, track your income too. This […]